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Milla (Freedom Planet) [0.9.3]

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


Version 1.4 5d
  • Adjustment Increased her weight from 0.16 to 0.22
  • Adjustment Increased her Side and Down Smashes' endlag to 30 frames
  • Adjustment Decreased her Side and Down Smashes' hitbox lifespan from 20 frames to 15 frames
  • Tweak Made the transition from Side Smash/Down Smash back to idle a bit less stiff
  • Adjustment Decreased her Up Smash's hitbox duration by two frames
Version 1.3 11d Tweak BugFix

The Cuddly Chemist digs her way to the Crusade!

Milla Basset joins the fray!

Coming from the first entry of the acclaimed Freedom Planet, this ivory-coloured puppy stumbled upon Crusade's ever-growing roster of fighters, presumably after getting lost from her pals or while looking for his old tree-stump friend. Instead, she seems to have found herself in the midst of a never-ending brawl!
Not only can she make use of her alchemy-based Phantom Cubes and energy magic, she's also got some aces hidden within her repertoire to really put a spin on the match.

Thanks to BSPD95 for creating the Milla showcase video you're seeing above!

  • Neutral Special: Milla shoots a short-ranged burst of green magic, dealing fixed damage and knockback that grows higher the more percentage the enemy has accumulated.
  • Side Special: Milla casts a shield in front of her that reflects projectiles. This does not reflect physical attacks, however, so plan ahead.
  • Down Special: Milla begins digging on the ground, looking for items. What will she find? Only fate will tell!
  • Down Smash: Milla spawns two Phantom Cubes, one at each side, and makes them explode creating two energy beams that shoot left and right. This attack covers a lot of horizontal range, but has considerable startlag and endlag, and is not as strong as her Side Smash, which just spawns one cube in front of her. This is a spacing tool more than anything, and is easily punishable from above.
  • She has a grand total of 15 palettes to choose from!

milla with gun


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Key Authors
Katabami Joined 1mo ago
354 points Ranked 50,242nd
Mod creator
Original Authors
FPSU Milla's spritesheet creator
Ziyo Ling
Milla's original author and owner
Milla's design and final game sprites
Owners of the Freedom Planet series


Katabami avatar
Katabami Joined 1mo ago
354 points Ranked 50,242nd
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