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HTP (Horse Tweaks and Particles)

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Visual effect for horses + LotM changes

Mod adds Lord of the Mountain's glow and particle effect to 3 horses, buffs Epona's speed to 5 stars and makes Lord of the Mountain registrable at stables.

List of specific changes/technical information about the mod below.

Horses affected:
  1. Epona [5 star speed boost (Fastest type)] [Visual effect added]
  2. Zelda's horse [Visual effect added]
  3. Giant horse [Visual effect added]
  4. Lord of the Mountain [Model swap] [Registrable at stables] [5 star speed boost (Fastest type)] [Can be equipped with saddles and bridles] [Initial soothe number increased from 40 to 300 (yes, i'm an ass)]

Technical info:
  1. Epona, Zelda and Giant horses don't work well with LotM's sound effects, the same audio can be applied but the downside is that they lose certain vocal reactions. As an example: instead of vocally disapproving Link's weight on their back, they silently do their head gesture. It shouldn't matter if the horse already likes you, but i felt it wasn't needed and somewhat broke the "immersion".
    Basically you miss out on LotM's unique audio by using these 3 horses, and you don't hear the "jingle" sound the particles emit, but that's pretty much it. Do let me know if you want these sound effects back at the cost of loosing a few vocal reactions.
  2. Lord of the Mountain's model swap is set in stone, this is the only horse model (apart from large horses' model) the game will accept without deep tweaking. As it stands, i lack the necessary knowledge required to do something about it at the moment (trust me, i tried). So it's either a generic horse model, or you're greeted with a crash window whenever the bloke is registered at a stable, and if you manage to bypass that -- a crash window when he is taken out.
  3. Reason behind the increased soothe number for our Mountain Lord is because he retains his Yah ability AND you can now summon him p much at any time, assuming you have the gear ofc. Whilst it's more of an annoyance rather than an actual worthwhile change, i want you to suffer work for him.
  4. If you want to keep Epona's vanilla stats, simply delete  GameRomHorseEpona.sbactorpack from BreathOfTheWild_HTP_Epona/content/Actor/Pack

Lemme know if you encounter any bugs, especially if you only plan to use LotM's tweak.

Tested on Cemu 1.20.0c

P.S. I realize this WILL conflict with a lot of mods (maybe setting load priority will negate that?) but i do plan on doing a BCML release.
P.P.S. Mod wasn't designed to run simultaneously with all horses at once. So for now just pick your favorite one.



Add more color variation for the effect. Create a bnp pack.
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  • downloaded and looking to try it out soon thank you for the hard work on this!
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  • JonFawkes avatar
    JonFawkes Joined 14d ago
    access_time 10d
    Just tried it out, seems to work okay. I look forward to when you figure out how to successfully swap the model back to the actual LotM, but it's not bad right now

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