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Persona 5 Font and UI Overhaul

A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 2.17 (Button prompts!) 4d
  • Adjustment Fixed color and positioning of various words
  • Addition Added most button prompts in P5-esque style
Finally got around to making my own button prompts since P5 didn't have a replacement for every single button prompt.  I made the background gray instead of black to match with the other menu stuffs.  Every single prompt should be replaced except for the ones in the TV Listings
Version 2.16 Reupload 10d BugFix Version 2.16 (Velvet Room Update) 10d Addition2 Version 2.15 11d Adjustment3 Addition Version 2.14 13d Addition2

You'll never see it coming

*** The font downloads and UI overhaul downloads are all separated.  So download both the font you want and the UI overhaul if you want the full experience.***

This mod tries to replace every single aspect of the game that I can in a Persona 5 style just cuz.

Changed features included in mod:
* Main font
* Command select
* Menu select
* Battle popup identifiers (Critical, Weak, etc.)
* Skill icons
* PS4/Xbox buttons
* Skill/item/affinity icons
* Calendar days/numbers
* Arcana cards (UI and models)
* Loading animation
* Map icons and color
* Critical cutins
* ...and more soon to come

For mod conflicts make sure to check out my tutorial.
Here's what I edited in the bin files in my mod:
data00004/init.bin - system/font/font0.fnt
Various Menus, Loading Animation, and Map UI
data00004/init_free.bin - init/loading.arc
                                           - init/camp.arc
                                           - field/fld_smap.bin
                                           - smap/i_mini_map01x2.spr
                                           - smap/fld_map_01.spr
                                           - title/mode_custom.arc/difficulty01.spr
Title Screen UI
data00004/title.bin - P4Glogo.tmx
                                   - p4g_menu01spr.spr
Velvet Room UI
data00004/facility/cmbroot.arc - velvet_01x2.spr
                                                        - velvet_arrowx2.spr
                                                        - bonus_expx2.spr
                                                        - psc_basic.bin
Battle UI
data00004/battle/panel/btlpanel.bin - b_badsta01x2.spr
                                                                  - p4p_com01x2.spr


  • 24d insert_drive_file Persona 5 Font
  • 15d insert_drive_file Persona 5 Royal Font
  • 4d insert_drive_file **NO FONT** UI overhaul w/ PS4 over Xbox buttons
  • 4d insert_drive_file **NO FONT** UI overhaul w/ Xbox button prompts
  • 4d insert_drive_file **NO FONT** Xbox buttons and no summoning cards and loading animation (requested by Sonicdevil)
  • 4d insert_drive_file **NO FONT** No icons and logo (requested by TheJadedWordsmith)


More calendar UI Skills/item/equipment icons
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  • Woomy avatar
    Woomy Joined 1y ago
    Can you PLEASE release a version that doesn't have the portraits? I don't want to keep replacing the files in my mod with the q2 all out attack panels for every update...
    URL to post:
  • Hey, I wanted to say thanks for this gorgeous mod! I really like how the attack type icons are colored in this UI, so they're easy to distinguish at a glance, great QoL improvement!

    Unfortunately because of how big the mod is, it causes the game to crash in Rise's dungeon for me, because of the game's 3.5GB memory limit. Hopefully they patch the game to use a 64-bit exe eventually so this mod works without any trouble.
    URL to post:
  • I'm sorry for all the comments from me if they're annoying, I'm just curious and making sure I'm able to make everything work and such. How were you able to have the PQ2 Side Info thing kept with your mod? When I first did it, it changes it back to the Default ones when in battle but I'd love to have both active?

    Is it a similar process to the init and init_free files?
    URL to post:
  • TheJadedWordsmith avatar
    TheJadedWordsmith Joined 9mo ago
    Retro Linkle Project Flag Affiliation: Retro Linkle Project
    477 points Ranked 46,999th
    I really appreciate this mod and what it's trying to do and how commited everyone is working to it but I feel that it looks a bit out of place because it doesn't match the aesthetics present in the game. It might be an easy fix and here's what I'd change (I just edited your screenshots, idk how to do the talented stuff you're doing)

    With the first one, I changed the black of the persona logo and the black boxes of the elements to the dark grey underneath it  and so it matches. Also the physical element was a bit lower so it should be raised a bit higher. Another thing that would be helped is if the level numbers could be closer like how I've done it.

    In the second one, I used the gray used before in the vanilla game's menu and I feel it matches better. When compared side by side, you might not notice too much of a difference but it's a lot more pleasing to the eye like this.

    If possible, make the fonts in the battle ui less thick and a bit more slender like how the game has it. Other than I have nothing much else to say. A lot of hard work has been put into this mod and I'm just giving my criticism to help improve it. Oh also I'm not a huge fan of the p5 icons in the items/skills and the Persona 4 logo, I much much prefer the stylish original. 

    Hope you find my criticism useful!
    Cucco AKA Birdbrain
    URL to post:
  • Anoman avatar
    Anoman Joined 12d ago
    Hey in the version I am using the ps4 buttons are still grayed out, think you might know a solution? Thanks.
    URL to post:
  • Hey again, glad to see all the progress made! ^^ As I see that the Jester arcana and the smaller arcana cards have been updated, I was hoping I could ask for you to update the set you made for me to include those, that way It would be easier for me to update the one I have installed
    URL to post:
  • This mod is so cursed, that I wish a dislike button could exist.

    it's a good mod but it just looks so wrong.

    I'll continue looking for a Persona 3/4 PS2 Font mod for Persona 4 Golden.
    URL to post:
  • Faz8 avatar
    Faz8 Joined 21d ago
    You keep improving this mod and i really like it ! keep it up ! also, where did you get the royal font from ? or did you made it yourself
    URL to post:
  • Woomy avatar
    Woomy Joined 1y ago
    Can you make a version that has everything BUT the cut-ins?
    URL to post:
  • From the sound of the note you added of what is which part in the full mod, It wouldn't mess with a mod like Mudkip's skill mod or penguin's Xbox UI mod, but just to be safe I'm gonna ask since I see in the screenshots you at least have the skills mod. Does it run the risk of messing with either of those two mods in any way?

    I should probably clarify I'm mostly interested in like the new icons for moves and items and the persona elements in the stats and map stuff, the social link and shuffle time swap is also rather nice, but the rest I'm debating on
    URL to post:


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