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Remastered Cutscenes Pack

A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Stable Release 1.0 21d
  • Addition p4ct001.usm (Japanese)
  • Addition p4ct001_c.usm (Chinese)
  • Addition p4ct001_k.usm (Korean)
  • Addition p4ct017.usm (Japanese)
  • Addition p4ct042.usm (Japanese)
First stable release!
Pack now includes previously missing files.

  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean disclaimer text has been redrawn (p4ct001)
  • Japanese "The Golden" credits sequences have been added

Thanks to tbmg12345 for upscaling assistance.

Remastered cutscene files with restored FPS, improved noise reduction and more!


I think it's fair to say that the quality of cutscenes/FMVs in the PC port of P4G have been a disappointment for fans.
This mod aims to provide an improved visual experience.

Upscaling, encoding, rendering, testing... All of this takes a lot of time.
If you enjoy my work, please let me know with a Like or Thank me with the corresponding buttons. :)


  • Completely new .USM files that have been reassembled and re-encoded from upscales of the original, Japanese PS Vita files
  • Frame rates restored to (native) 29.97 FPS - an improvement over the PC version's 15 FPS files
  • Original aspect ratio restored, fixing the cropped (and in the beta, stretched) images present in the original PC videos
  • Improved noise reduction with manually re-edited transitions and fades
  • Redrawn text sequences (e.g. the opening disclaimer, "Characters, art and storylines depicted...")
  • White borders removed (see screenshots)
  • English and Japanese language tracks retained from the original PC files

(Press the up and down keys on your keyboard to switch between comparison images. Click the image to switch between PC original and remastered screenshots.)


  • The PC version of Persona 4 Golden
  • "Large Address Aware Patch" applied to your P4G.exe (required for the stable build of the game, "REV 2008". Not necessary if you are running a beta version)

My installation steps assume you have used both of these mod tools before. If you have not, please read both TGEnigma's "readme" and MadMax1960's "Beginner's Guide to Modding Persona 4 Golden" before you try using my files.


  • "Show Console" option disabled in Reloaded-II (Mod Loader Settings -> Untick "Show Console" box)
  • If playing on a PC with two GPUs (integrated and dedicated, e.g. Intel UHD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce together), which is a common configuration in laptops, make sure you're using your more powerful, dedicated GPU for playing Persona 4 Golden. NVIDIA users can configure this in "NVIDIA Control Panel".
  • This may be a placebo, but I also have "Power management mode" set to "Prefer maximum performance", which seems to help with stuttering.


NOTE: This mod was created for and tested on the latest stable Steam version of the game. I have not tested compatibility with the Denuvo-free or beta versions (e.g. "Hotfix_01a"). 

This mod may still work with those versions of the game but you will probably need to rearrange some files to ensure their placement aligns appropriately with the structure of the movie0000x.pac files.

Bottom line: I will not be supporting beta versions of Persona 4 Golden. I specifically encode for the stable versions of the game.

  • Download the mod files
  • Place all three "movie0000x" folders in the root of your "mods" directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\mods").
  • If the "mods" folder does not exist, create it and place the files as shown below:
  • If like me, you prefer the original Persona 4 opening movie (PS2) to Golden's and would like to use that instead, copy the files in "OPTIONAL FILES\movie00002" into your "mods\movie00002" folder, replacing any files already in there if prompted.
  • Run Reloaded-II as an administrator (right-click -> "Run as Administrator")
  • Now in the Reloaded-II window, select Persona 4 Golden (p4g.exe), then "Launch Application"


  • "Will there be a 4K version?"
I have actually created some sample 4K files, but they don't appear to work correctly in-game. Despite the files playing just fine in VLC/MPV, there was a lot of distortion and flickering in-game and the video didn't scale correctly to my monitor's resolution (1920x1080). Also in my experience, upscaling the Vita files to 4K+ increased the likelihood of glitches/distorted frames appearing during the rendering process. I can't imagine I'll be working on a 4K version of this mod anytime soon, but if you play the game at 4K and have a 4K monitor to test with, drop me a message. Perhaps we can do some testing and revisit this when I get the time.

  • "Why are there thin black bars on either side of the video?"
The Vita cutscenes' original resolution is 960x544. Scaled by two you get 1920x1088. I didn't want to crop or stretch the image like Atlus have decided to. I want an accurate image. So instead, I scaled the video to fit a 1920x1080 frame, retaining the original aspect ratio, but resulting in the 4 pixel-wide black bars either side.

  • "Do you recommend any other mods to compliment this pack?"
- "No TV Static" by ShrineFox
- "ENG Title Fix" by cabbage
- "Better Map Navigation" by 01737_L
- "Detailed Skill Card Descriptions" by me!


  • 21d insert_drive_file README ONLY. Gamebanana does not allow files larger than 1.46GB. Please download pack from alt link.

Alternate File Sources

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  • WindyJack avatar
    WindyJack Joined 13hr ago
    Game Fails to Load
    The game does not load, it opens, a couple of white boxes pop up in the top left and that's it. The game hangs, and Windows asks me if it should End the Progress. I have tried ATLUS' recommendations and it did not work. The only thing I did not do is Hot Fix 2, as I am currently doing that.

    I cannot get any further than those white boxes. I have followed every step and read everything on GitHub and this page extensively.

    AMD Ryzen 7 3750 H

    GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

    Don't have RAM specifics, 8GB DDR RAM

    Feel Free to Contact me on Discord if you need more information. 

    Discord: WindiestJack#6969
    Some Guy Really
    URL to post:
  • Mod didn't work without the Large Address Aware Patch. It's pretty easy to apply though so no big deal. Thanks for your hard work <3
    • Helpful x 1
    URL to post:
  • RumbelBoss avatar
    RumbelBoss Joined 18d ago
    18d 18d
    I haven't beaten the game so i haven't watched all cutscenes but in my case, the yasoinaba welcome cutscene doesn't load at all, it just shows the normal cutscene, the blurry and strechted one.
    All other cutscenes work just fine, noticeable improvement.
    Im gonna try redownloading the files, but this time, each folder individually, maybe google is messing something.

    Using fullscreen mode, 1080p and 100% scale resolution.

    i5 9400f
    GTX 1070
    16GB RAM DDR4
    URL to post:
  • silkiechicken avatar
    silkiechicken Joined 18d ago
    18d 18d

    Hi, I'm also having trouble with these scenes showing up in game...

    I'm using out of the box Steam version of the game through reloaded, not open beta. I haven't tried ATLUS troubleshooting suggestions since I have no cutscenes stutter. 

    I know reloaded is working because the main menu fixes and PS buttons mods are active (the only other mods I use). I followed the install directions of the three folders to the mods folder. I'm not seeing any bars on the cutscenes, and the text at the beginning is the very grainy (unlike the sceenshot), so I'm fairly certain these videos aren't loading! I've tried starting a new game to see the scene and loading it through the movie player in game, and both seem to use the defaults. I tried switching between Japanese and English audio, and no differences happen.

    I'm running in fullscreen with vsync. I have a Geforce GTX 970, AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core processor 3.50 GHz, 8 GB Ram installed. Not sure if I did something wrong installing this!
    URL to post:
  • Thank you for the great encodes. It was the first thing I noticed and became an instant eyesore.
    Have you considered splicing the BD anime as source instead of the game files? As much as it is improved, the constant blocky artifacts are still quite distracting. Have to admit that I've not watched the anime nor finished the game, so I'm not sure how feasible it'd be, considering there are likely differences in the anime adaptation.
    • Interesting x 1
    • Thanks x 1
    URL to post:
  • Not really sure what I'm doing wrong, but the beginning cutscene just doesn't happen. Added the optional files into movie00002 and even tried the fix you suggested to another commenter, but i can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Mods overall work because I have the "Damn bro that's crazy" mod working correctly. Should I add anything else to this comment to better help explain my issues?
    URL to post:
  • Wolvexst avatar
    Wolvexst Joined 9y ago
    doesn't work, i have other mods working but the cutscenes don't play, i am using the steam version of the game.
    URL to post:
  • Ren225 avatar
    Ren225 Joined 26d ago
    i replace the base file with the one from optional files/ movie00002 but the og intro still doesnt play

    pls help and thanks

    URL to post:
  • WareWaMessiahNari avatar
    WareWaMessiahNari Joined 4mo ago
    Lurkin rn my g
    428 points Ranked 48,060th
    Must use mod, confirmed
    • Agree x 1
    • Win x 1
    Living Meme
    URL to post:
  • Taimoya avatar
    Taimoya Joined 1mo ago
    This is splendid! thank you for doing this. looking forward to the crispier cutscenes and also didn't know about the large adress aware patch. gonna be doing that now.
    • Win x 1
    Life Is Good avatar
    Life Is Good
    URL to post:


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Upscaling, assembly, encoding, testing...
Original Authors
Source files
Special Thanks
PelvisBass (ShrineFox Forum)
Help and advice
TGE Joined 2mo ago
Developed p4gpc.modloader
Sewer56 (GitHub)
Developed The Reloaded Project, Reloaded-II
LordCheesusCrust (ShrineFox Forum)
Vita file decryption assistance
tbmg12345 Joined 2mo ago
Upscaling assistance


rudiger__gb avatar
rudiger__gb Joined 4y ago
2,142 points Ranked 20,827th
12 medals 1 rare
  • 10 submissions featured Medal icon
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Development Info



  • The opening movie "Shadow World" is not yet included in this mod (p4ctop3, p4ctop3_e). This is because the version already in the game is actually higher quality than the test files I have been able to upscale from the Vita versions so far. In particular, the first 10 seconds of the Vita version's video (the zoom in part) have a lot of noise/artifacting even after upscaling and more testing needs to be done.

  • Colours in my .usm files are slightly inaccurate. This is most noticeable when comparing the red on Teddie in my files to those in the original video files. I suspect this is a pixel format issue. Metadata says the original files are YUV420 but this appears to get changed/messed up when the files are run through ffmpeg or Adobe Premiere. Need to investigate further.


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