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H.E.V. Smart Helmet

A Mod for Half-Life 2


Suit volume on/off 13d
  • Feature Now suit volume will disable when helmet is inactive

Protect Your head and personality.

This is my first "big" add-on Ive ever made. So, what is is? It is a helmet for Your HEV suit (or whatever suit Ure using). 


  • Ability to turn it on and off 
  • Custom overlay
  • Headshot damage reduce
  • Custom sounds
  • *06.25.2020 update* Now suit volume will disable when helmet deactivated

When helmet is active: 

U will see a helmet overlay, health, armor, AUX power display, weapon selector, ammo counter, ability to zoom , headshot damage will reduce from 3 to 1.5*06.25.2020 update* Suit voice will be enabled.  

When helmet is not active:

 U'll see clean screen, U will recieve default headshot damage, U still can select weapons, but U wont see selector itself, U wont be able to use zoom., *06.25.2020 update* U wont hear suit voice (such as low ammo/health warning, type of received damage and etc)


  • Blue hud
  • Pretty much everything that isnt described below

Aaaaand ofcource our lovely bugs
  •  When new map is loading (for example, when U goin' from d3_c17_01 to d3_c17_02), overlay will disappear. To get it back, press [activate] button. 
  • When helmet is deactivated U wont be able to see text on Ur screen (such as credits, maybe some messages on custom maps)


To activate helmet, press N button. 
To deactivate helmet, press M button.


If You wanna change something in this mod for yourself, open smart_helmet.cfg

cl_drawhud 0 - this command will disable hud when U start the game. Delete this parameter, if U dont want to disable hud. Also U can delete it from Alias "Helmetoff" line to have hud even with deactivated helmet.

r_screenoverlay effects/metro_overlayv2heroz.vmt; - It is texture for helmet overlay. U can change it, if U know what U're doing.

play Helmeton\helmetoff.wav; - This command will play sound when helmet is active. If U want to change this sound, find one suitable for U, rename it to helmeton then open sound > helmet and replace file. Ur file must be in .wav format. Same for helmet deactivate sound, but U hafta rename file to helmetoff 

sk_player_head "1.5"; and sk_player_head "3"; - This commands responding for headshot damage adjuster. 1.5 when helmet is active and 3 when its deactive

Crosshair 0; - Ur crosshair is deactivate when u deactivating helmet protection. Set to 1 to always see crosshair. Or delete this line.

-zoom; unbind Z" - Will deactivate zoom ability when helmet is inactive. remove this line to always have zoom ability. Or change Z to button that U binded for zoom.

bind Z +zoom" - will activate zoom ability when helmet is active. Change Z to whatever button U want. Or remove this line with previous one.

*06.25.2020 update* suitvolume - regulate suit volume (voice, warning and etc). Default is 0.25. "0" will deactivate every suit sound. U can change its value. Or delete suitvolume 0 line, if U want to leave its default.

bind n "Helmet" Change N to whatever button U want.

bind m "helmetoff" Change M to whatever button U want.

P.S. You, ofc, can use it without HEV suit, but please, dont do it, ok? it is illogical.


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    Okay this mod is awesome it makes so much more sense as to why Gordon can see the Health, armour and zoom and more but when you wear it it's hard to see. Now i know it's so it balances things out but for example when you wear a Halloween mask do you see the mask? No you don't (at least that's what i know)
    so do the same okay? It just makes more sense.
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    Looks cool. Reminds me of Star Wars Republic Commando
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    Can you make this Black Mesa compatible? I have tested it myself, and nothing happens.
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Original Overlay creators for Gmod
龜 Darku


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Development Info

Wellp I always wanted to use helmet in HL2, cuz Gordon looks pretty much badass with helmet on his head.

It was not so easy to make my first script, but...but i did it.

Big thanks to these following addons: - for sound script idea. - for overlay idea. 

Original overlay addon:


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