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Render Tweaks

A Mod for SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

Changes a few configuration settings with UE4's rendering to give the game clearer visuals.

-Removes Fog that appears in levels
-Eliminates Depth of Field to stop far away objects from appearing blurred
-Disables Bloom to tone down the overall brightness of some aspects

New in v2
-Increases render distance to make faraway objects clearer
-Applies greater Anti-aliasing than default
-Increases shadow quality and max cascades to help deal with perspective aliasing
-Removes color fringing to get rid of Chromatic Aberration 

Aspects are able to be configured to the user's liking (See README.txt)


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  • jaideno10 avatar
    jaideno10 Joined 3d ago
    access_time 3d
    I still have the white shiny goo, how do I fix this?
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  • GoofzGoobz avatar
    GoofzGoobz Joined 4d ago
    access_time 3d
    This is awesome, thank you so much for this, this fixed a lot of gripes I was having with the game, however, I still am having a problem with the white and shiny goo... how do I fix this?
    Go away
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  • silvermania avatar
    silvermania Joined 6mo ago
    stuck in a door
    silver team Flag Affiliation: silver team
    300 points Ranked 51858th
    access_time 5d
    fun fact: this were the first mod
    zombiepigstep is the worst map avatar
    zombiepigstep is the worst map
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  • KibSquib avatar
    KibSquib Joined 2y ago
    access_time 5d edit 5d
    how can I use this on linux with wine? I have bfbb on lutris and I want to use this but when I go to ~/.wine/drive_c/users/kibsquib/appdata/ there is no local folder, just an empty LocalLow folder. I have booted up the game, changed settings, and they saved so I know they're stored somewhere, I just don't know where they are.

    edit: nvm i found it, it was saved in a different folder
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  • IcyKirby avatar
    IcyKirby Joined 1mo ago
    315 points Ranked 51273rd
    access_time 5d
    days like this when i wish i could save mods for the future
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  • TriNic avatar
    TriNic Joined 4y ago
    access_time 8d
    Thank you so much! This fixed a lot of my lag issues and the white water graphical glitch with low frame rates. Can you add a grass render option? Jellyfish fields is still very prone to lag.
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  • This looks awesome
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  • evanclue avatar
    evanclue Joined 12mo ago
    SMS Manager
    1,452 points Ranked 22278th
    8 medals 1 rare
    • Achieved Game Manager clearance Medal icon
    • Submitted 5 Gamefiles Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • 6 months a member Medal icon
    • Received thanks 5 times Medal icon
    • Returned 100 times Medal icon
    access_time 9d
    Absolutely amazing. Not even 24 hours in, and you've already tweaked some things. Thank you for kicking off what I would hope to be a bustling future for modding this game.
    • Thanks x 1
    cool boy
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