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Major Trainers Rework

A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Hotfix 5 3d
  • BugFix Fixed issue with Raihan's Haxorus
  • Removal Removed Ball Guy from Raid Pool
  • Addition Added Isaac Match (hidden major) and into Raid Pool (Replacing Ball Guy)
  • Addition Added Melony to Raid Pool
Update to this Hotfix
Hotfix 4 8d BugFix2 Tweak Addition Hotfix 3 9d BugFix2 Hotfix 2 (raid only) 9d Overhaul Addition2 Tweak Removal Raid + Naming Update 9d Addition3 BugFix

Make Major Trainers encounters memorable

Finally finished my Major Trainers Rework (first mod, but with at least experience in pokemons since ruby) for Sword/Shield (romfs, if you only use trainers folder, version safe).
Contains trainers folder and messages/trname (trainername, must be updated each dlc release, but won't corrupt the update, other than missing names)

Tired getting rival fights that feels "too easy" and ridiculous pokemon gym leaders that only bring 2 or 3 pokemons to fight while he/she carries 6 pokeballs? The mod was made to make major encounters memorable, and with these questions in mind:

-What if Hop catch pokemon aggressively as he found those on the route?
-What if those major trainers encounter use full team (6 pokemons)? What would they use? 
-What items that gym leader would let their pokemon hold item?
-What if EV that those major trainers pokemon have scales with their level?
-What if those major trainers have good moveset (pretty competitive)?
-What happened if we set the major trainers ai bit to max, and allow them to switch pokemons? (Suprise! They aren't allowed to in original code because of their flag)

The curve was made to follow the game leveling with slight smoothing and tweaks.
Hop only bring pokemon he could catch at the new route and any previous routes + places he can visit

Compatible with any game version (tested 1.0.0-1.2.0)

BONUS: Major Raid Teammates (under testing) + Correct Naming, now all DLC character should use correct naming (not ?). If you find bugs please put to issues.

1. Champion rematch are designed to be level 100s for the majors
2. Hop will have perfect wooloo breed, while hop are restricted to use their egg moves on tutorial (which better than what tutorial has, it will take toll on next battles, including magnolia rematch), it still hit hard and make tutorial harder (passable but not as easy as original). Non starter you pick will have hidden ability including Hop and Leon.
3. Hop start using TMs later in the journey, expect him starting to use competitive movesets after beating milo.
4. Ms. Honey 1M match is level 100
5. Morinomoto is also level 100 match, using 6 pokemon that i specially design to be hardcore (but legal), expect the worst.
6. Mustard's post game rematch is level 100
7. Isaac also uses 6 pokemons at 100 level, 5 from the original rotom evolutions and one in same theme (not same type). Go figure what is it.

Basegame initial release (i mean whole game without dlc, includes post game).
Isle of Armor: Tested, but the raid bonus part arent.

Notice: I rushed to get that first image going as it was temporary image black and white, so i didn't catch pokemons in process. Please catch 5 more pokemon before that encounter, or you gonna get disadvantaged by the pokemon count.

Level Curve:
Basegame: 1-70 (yep, still as original!)
Isle of Armor: 70-75 (excludes the kubfu training twin fist tower level untouched, just evo-ed and changed moveset version of what it was to reflect a challenge at higher level)

1st pic: First rematch with Hop
2nd pic: Champion rematch (nessa)
3rd, 4th, 5th pic: Isle of Armor

Ball Guy: wanna wait till voltorb out before making this hidden major

If you wanna contribute:
Not as good as making a fully diverse competitive sets (legal, non legendary) for Champion Minors. If you want, you can post a 6 Pokemon (full team) that has lot of coverages and able to sweep floor. Will included in the mod and your name will be there as the trainer name (you can pick what npc you wanna be). Put them as comment

-Must be 1.0.0 base pokemon, otherwise have to mention which update it is (and this will go to optional folder, not to base).
-No legendaries (pseudo still allowed)
-No more than 2 stallers (if exists, people will bored if whole team is just stalling)

-Only one pokemon allowed to dynamax/gigantamax, which goes to final pokemon (to follow the game flow)
-Optional (extra appeal): one gigantamax pokemon as final stand

Please define if it must be sequential or random (exclude the dynamax/gigantamax).



Hidden Majors Champion Rematch's Minors Low Priority
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  • psncheck avatar
    psncheck Joined 5d ago
    access_time 4d
    The mod does not work on Pokemon shield, only  sword. 
    • wtf x 1
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  • Krakenous avatar
    Krakenous Joined 2mo ago
    114 points Ranked 67637th
    access_time 10d edit 10d
    Do mods still affect weather effects in latest Yuzu builds? Would like to use an updated trainers rework mod but still concerned at mods breaking all the weather effects.
    Yep still broken...damn, hope this gets fixed soon but clearly it's a tougher job for the Yuzu peeps than expected.
    URL to post:
  • Igglesworth avatar
    Igglesworth Joined 14d ago
    access_time 12d
    Love this! Any chance of boosting other non-major trainers? 
    URL to post:
  • access_time 15d
    oooh O U O!!!! mama like!! i will try it out <3 thank you so much for your work.
    URL to post:
  • sstyci avatar
    sstyci Joined 5mo ago
    access_time 16d
    URL to post:


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