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CED base RoE v1.6 full - D3XP only

A Mod for Doom 3


CED base RoE v1.6 4d
  • Tweak v1.6- (full) - Fixed the x1 and x3 button on the pistol. - Bettered some models. - Faster reload animations for pistol, machinegun and plasmagun. - Better RoE compatibility.
CED base RoE v1.5b 4d BugFix CED base RoE v1.5a 1mo Addition
CED-base RoE v1.6 for Doom 3 by Dafama2k7 (07-07-2k20)


    This Doom 3 mod is based on the awesome CED Chimuelo el Dragon mod and adds a lot of new features and a much faster gameplay, less realistic but more playable action. Also this mod is RoE compatible with just renaming the file to zzzzzz_d3xp_ced_base.pk4 and loading it as a mod if used from the D3XP RoE already loaded first.

Very Important...: To see all the new textures and skins the autoexec.cfg should have this command activated.

    set image_useNormalCompression 0

Updates on CED mod...:

v1.5b- (full)
    - Darkened even more the machinegun skin.
    - Bettered some zombie maint heads color tone.
    - Fixed the flashlight button on pistol.
    - Fixed shotgun, shotgun_double and pistol toggle on and off for D3XP only, now works !
    - Updated shaders.

v1.5a- (full)
    - Bettered the plasmagun both fire and alt-fire.
    - Reload animation for both plasmagun and machinegun are much faster now !
    - Bettered the machinegun both fire and alt-fire.
    - Darker skin for machinegun.
    - Fixed small bugs.

v1.5    - (full)
    - Enhanced all weapons.
    - Fixed a lot of bugs.
    - Better shaders.
    - Better Sentry.

    - Changed the shotgun position, now is perfect !
    - Fixed a bug that, when in D3XP mode, made the pistol to start with 0 bullets, now it starts with 17, like in base.
    - Fixed the Sentry, now works perfect !!!
    - Powered up the Secondary fire for the Plamagun.
    - The Chaingunner health increassed from 130 to 150.
    - Added optional Gloves from Doom 3: Phobos by Team Future.
    - Fixed small bugs.

    - Now, Imps, Hellknights, Revenants and CyberDemon use "rockettrail.prt" newer smoke particle !
    - Enhaced all weapons.
    - Many NEW features and changes i really don't remember now !
    - Added white shotgun skin !
    - New Shaders !
    - Fixed bugs.

    - Made the raise and reload animations for the shotgun, to be much faster now.
    - Increassed two points the machinegun damage.
    - Enhanced soda machines, they look even better now !
    - Brighter flashlight and shotgun flashlight.
    - Fixed handgrenade not doing light.
    - Rockets go slightly slower, but very fast, still.
    - Plasmagun does more light.
    - Flashlight skin is blue, now.
    - Changed skin color to blue, for some items, like medkit small, large and armor shard.
    - Now the grenade has some brighter points in orange color visible in the dark.
    - Changed skin colors for some weapons.
    - Changed skin color for Imp and Imp branded.
    - Changed skin for zombie maint.
    - Added a fire light to the LostSouls and Forgottens.
    - Compatible 100% with Wulfen/Monoxead textures, requires "+set image_usePrecompressedTextures 0" to be set.
    - Added the great IDO sounds to the ammo pickups.
    - Doubled ressolution for rocketlauncher, also changed its skin color.
    - Added low ammo warning to machinegun and plasmagun.


    - Fixed the shotgun reload script, for being able to stop reloading and fire the shotgun in middle reload.
    - Changed the chaingun fire color for both player and Zombie CGUN, now is yellow and does less spread also.
    - Updated the shaders to latest version.
    - Fixes small bugs on double shotgun.
    - Latest NEW A.I. updated.
    - NEW mainmenu music.
    - Fixed CGUN plasma sounds.
    - Fixed monster_Zsec_Machinegun.
    - Fixed weapon pistol.
    - Fixed RoE mode (like not getting the grabber weapon after the cinematic on Erebus1 map and more).
    - Added zoom text in orange color to the rocketlauncher.
    - Added smoke for all zombies with guns, like zsecs and commandos.
    - Added custom Zoom for the double barrel shotgun, amazing !!! :D
    - Added own crosshair for the double barrel shotgun at last !
    - Now the burgers and coke cans give 1 health and 30 stamine, respectively.


    - Increassed the max_ammo for all weapons.
    - New grey color and skin for the machinegun.
    - New enhanced detail for machinegun, plasmagun, chaingun, shotgun and handgrenade.
    - Halved the damage for ZCommando_CGUN, was too much, now is dangerous still, but balanced.
    - Fixed problems with .DDS textures for weapons skins.
    - Fixed some little sound problems.
    - Changed the classic chaingun that used bullets for the new chaingun that use plasma (like in RAGE) !
    - Fixed plasmablast splash on plasmagun weapon.
    - Added NEW ZCommando Plasma replacing the ZCommando CGun.
    - Added NEW Imp E3 by Zakyrus, much faster and dangerous than before !


    - Chimuelo el Dragon based mod.
    - Hides croshair when reloading.
    - Hides crosshair when on a ladder, not only the weapon.
    - The crosshair moves when running, (go big and small).
    - When the player is not on the ground the croshire changes its size for a litle time.
    - When the player gets hit by some enemy, the crosshire changes its size too.
    - Grenade weapon do not cycle and can be toggled.
    - Optimized machinegun and plasmagun fire scripts.
    - Flashlight item uses same material light as the shotgun.
    - Plasmagun makes a better muzzleflash but keeping it fast.
    - Machinegun ejects brass again, but a better one.
    - Shotgun ejected shells cast shadows.
    - New A.I. for all monsters and zombies.
    - New Shaders using my Riddick shaders latest version.
    - Brilliant skin for chaingun (only the barrel), plasmagun and BFG weapons.
    - Soda machines both red and green, now are brighter and more realistic than before.
    - Faster chaingun barrel rotation and fire.
    - Faster plasmagun fire and new plasmaglow light for it.
    - GUIs for machinegun, chaingun and plasmagun don't have light, but BFG does a different more blue light color.
    - Pistol and rocketlauncher both have the laser pointer active by default.
    - Fixed ZCommando cgun fire light.
    - New fire sound for the plasmagun weapon.
    - Shotgun double added on every backpack.
    - Mancubus and Revenants now does muzzleflash light when firing its fireballs and rockets respectively.
    - Fixed small bugs on CEDBase mod.

To do...:

    - GUIs don't make the crosshair to hide.
    - NPCs show its name but the crosshair should hide and it doesn't.


  • 4d insert_drive_file requires Doom 3 v1.3.1 and D3XP !
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Dafama2k7 Joined 8y ago
Doom Marine
6,912 points Ranked 961st
23 medals 1 legendary 5 rare
  • Submitted 50 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Submitted 20 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Became a Game Pioneer Medal icon
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