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Lunatic Helper

A Mod for Celeste


Update 1.1.1 15hr
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Update 1.1 16hr Addition3

A small code mod by MünTheory

Lunatic Helper

Lunatic Helper is a new code mod that has somewhat useful entities and effects. I still have many ideas I'd like to implement in this helper, so I'll be in active development and will try to update as consistently as I can! If you have any suggestions, ideas, or found a mischievous bug, please contact me on Discord atMün#3821 (I'm also in the Celestecord and iamdadbod's server) or DM me on Twitter.

Special thanks tomax480,BeefyUncle, WoofWoofDoggoThegur90, andiamdadbod for suggesting ideas, making custom sound effects, and being sane enough to answer my dumb questions! You guys are the best~

PLEASE READ: In v1.1, there is a lot of backend and unfinished effects, triggers, and entities. In the next version (v1.2), this helper will get a complete overhaul, with many new custom items. This will not affect anything that has already been placed prior. In fact, you will get more options!


Berry Gates

There are 2 new berry gates:Strawberry & Golden-berry Gates! They act just like normal heart doors, but specifically to their type of berry (for the golden-berry gate, the amount of berries is automatically set to 1). They also have more configurations, like toggling the flash, freeze, & shake.

Along with custom sprites and colors, Thegur90 generously made somecustom sound effects for the gates!

Disclaimer: You shouldn't block progression with these gates, as berries are considered optional and shouldn't be required to collect. If you were to add this gate into your map, it's recommended to use it for secrets or a golden room.

Custom Refills

Custom refills are essentially a normal refill with 1 new customization: the respawn timer. You can set it from0 to 100,000,000!

Disclaimer: If you set the timer to 0 (instant), it will reset it to 0.05 internally as setting it to 0 causes weird effects. TL;DR: When you set it to 0, the game thinks you've set it to 0.05.

Strawberry with Return

You ever needed a return for a strawberry just like for the keys? Well, here ya go, with the Strawberry with return! Please read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Currently there isn't any nodes for a custom placement, so you'll just move to player respawn point. This will be fixed in v1.2

Invisible Light Source

Invisible light sources are really handy for dark rooms that need some light and you don't want to fill it up with an abundance of torches. You can even change the radius size and the color of the light too!


Custom Field

Custom fields are just like a starfield from Farewell, but with a lot more customization! New options include:

  • Path: This is the path to the particles the effect will grab from. The default particle is starfield, which is the normal starfield's particles. The path automatically starts at Graphics/Atlases/Gameplay/particles, so configure your particle sprites accordingly. The sprite names must also being from 00.png to 03.png. For example, if you wanted to implement a heart-field, you would make a heart folder in your .../particles folder and add your 00.png through 03.png sprites into the heart folder. In the path, you would put heart.
  • Colors: The colors the particles will use. Notice the plural — you can use multiple colors (the particle will grab a color by random). To set up, put in your colors and split them up with a comma (e.g. ff0000,00ff00,0000ff is for red, green and blue).

Custom Dust

Custom dust are just like stardust from Farewell, but with a lot more customization! Since this effect based off of stardust, it is affected by wind (so you aren't limited)!

  • Amount: How many amount of particles the effect will have! This works really well with multiple colors, as it looks like there is a lot of effects, but there is only 1 being used.
  • Colors: Identical to the custom field's color.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file


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  • deleste avatar
    deleste Joined 12d ago
    access_time 10d
    Do you think it would be possible to have gates that track berries/golden berries that you've collected total for the campaign? As opposed to ones you're holding/ ones you've gotten for the current level.
    To create like a different route for 100% completion
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  • Great map helper will definetly use it!
    Also how about tape gates? I think would be interesting to have those.
    URL to post:


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Strawberry with Return


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