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Wolf Link Traveling Companion

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

I've always found the potential for a companion to be very nice in large games like this. Of course vanilla Wolf Link attempts to murder everything in sight and generally interfere with any stealth strategy you might be using. Thus, passive RPG companion doggo was born. This mod makes Wolf Link completely passive to enemies and wildlife alike, while not attracting attention from either. Wolf Link is also invincible and all HUD information has been removed.

Complete list of changes:

Completely immune to all damage.
Howl, Hunt, and Battle range all reduced to 0.
Damage output reduced to 0 (just in case)
Fully removed the HUD information for Wolf Link.
Speed reduced to 85% of vanilla.
SteeringOutputKp (turn radius) reduced from 2.8 to 1.4
Various howls no longer draw attention from enemies and\or have had their trigger range reduced to 0.
Enemies can not target wolf link or hear his footfalls. (Changed Profile User to Enemy)
Removed player's ability to Z target wolf link.    (replaced att. files with the horse files)
Following distance for walk/run/sprint increased. (waits longer before catching up to player)
Lateral following distance decreased from 2.11 to 1.42
Follow Player giving up distance increased from 400 to 1350
DistanceRequestingPath changed from 30 to 50
Hurt box radius changed from 0.75 to 0.0. Wolf Link can't be used as a shield. (done in Actor\physics, under tgtbody)
Wolf Link no longer howls upon eating or spawning in. (Done by changing the ASList to point to Animal_Dog_Sit and changing some of the TypeIndexs in Animal_Dog_Sit to 67)
Ankle shackle chain jingle and the Twilight Princess warp sound have been replaced with generic wolf footsteps and the motorcycle warp sound (retriever version only)
Changes the warp in visual effect to the same cyan hue the BotW warp effect uses (retriever version only)

The model, effect and audio replacement was lifted directly from ArcAngelofJustice's mod (with permission) located here. I also used that as a guide to remove the remaining HUD elements.

Known Bugs:

Wolf Link will only eat prime meat, and none of the lower grade meats. He has standards.

For the retreiver variant, the model swap will sometimes not appear ingame. On CEMU, remerging in BCML (rarely more than once in required) fixes this problem.

Wolf Link may rarely give "amiibo can not be used again today" (fixed by trying again) or become stuck in the howling animation on spawn. Restarting the game fixes this.


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  • odettesoph avatar
    odettesoph Joined 15d ago
    access_time 15d
    Love the concept. Only issue is that anytime I spawn the amiibo he is stuck in an infinite howl loop and does not walk around. This was with multiple restarts. Any ideas?
    URL to post:
  • livipup avatar
    livipup Joined 1y ago
    167 points Ranked 60038th
    access_time 16d
    Does this mod make wolf link persistent? I tried using him, but he disappeared when I entered the shrine he lead me to :(
    URL to post:
  • kingnico avatar
    kingnico Joined 2mo ago
    105 points Ranked 69347th
    access_time 16d
    If you’re not too busy do you mind if I ask you some questions about some of the variables that you changed?

    How do I reduce the distance that wolf link trails behind link when going full speed on a horse? 

    What does the DistanceRequestingPath field do?

    Lastly, why did you change the  SteeringOutputKp field?

    URL to post:
  • rdnc avatar
    rdnc Joined 6mo ago
    0 points Ranked 69195th
    access_time 17d
    I needed this, thank you very much!
    Must... install... MODS!
    URL to post:


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Pulama Joined 30d ago
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