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RaidBuff - Improved Raid Allies

A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Version 1.1 1mo
  • BugFix Fixed Office Worker Portia using a Master Ball

Better Max Raid allies!

Tired of trying to do that 5* raid den on solo with pitiful allies? (We're looking at you Magikarp and Solrock) Then this mod is for you!

The entire roster of the AI Raid allies has been improved to help you take down those harder raid dungeons, to mirror what you would expect from online users with their tailor-made 'mons, trained specifically to fight raids. The original Pokemon have either been swapped out completely, or improved with an evolution, stat buff and/or moveset change.

The Pokemon choices used to create this mod were influenced by Reddit polls, however if you have any feedback (no matter how big or small) then please leave a comment below.

I don't recommend using this online, knowing Nintendo, you'll most definitely be banned!

: Use the latest version Atmosphere CFW. I do not support any other CFWs. Extract the included zip to the /atmosphere/titles/ folder on your SD card.

Installation-Yuzu: Extract the included zip to your Mod Data location for your game on Yuzu.

This mod is inspired by noirscape and his mod, Major Raid Battle Trainers.

1. Description (Changes)

  • 20 new raid allies + 5 additional Gym Leader Pokemon
  • Removed majority of previous, low tier allies
  • Improved AI of ally trainers
  • Maximum IVs + EVs (EVs differ for most Pokemon, see roster for more information)
  • Added battle items (mainly leftovers)
  • Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing actually happens!

2. FAQ

Is this mod overpowered?
In the grand scheme of things, yes. The inspiration from this was trying to deal with a 5* Frosmoth den, in which it only used AOE moves and Quiver Dance (It's a nightmare, trust me). I've left in some more mediocre Pokemon to tame the mod overall, but the HP EVs of each of those Pokemon has been maxed.

Dmax/Gmax on allies ruins their attacks! 
I haven't tuned the movesets to atone for the attack changes when the Pokemon is D/Gmaxed. There may well be a few that have their movesets completely ruined (mainly Max Guard). If you really need the best performance possible, I'd suggest you save the maxing for yourself.

Can you add/change 'xyz' to this mod?
Probably not, but please provide feedback where possible. I'm not a proactive modder, I just make the odd change whenever I feel I need it, this could well be the only mod I make for this game. I would recommend using PkNx to make further edits if necessary. It's pretty simple to use, but requires you setup the correct files first (you can google the tutorial). If I find any bugs, I might squash them when I get the chance.

3. Roster

3.1. Main

Snorlax (w/Gmax)
Careful | Thick Fat | 252HP 252Def 4 SpD | Leftovers
Rest/Snore/Body Slam/Darkest Lariat

Rash | Intimidate | 4HP 252Def 252SpD | Leftovers
Extremespeed/Morning Sun/Play Rough/Fire Fang

Grimmsnarl (w/Gmax)
Careful | Prankster | 4HP 252Def 252SpD | Light Clay
Reflect/Light Screen/Spirit Break/Foul Play

Calm | Limber | 252HP 126Def 130SpD | Black Sludge
Scald/Recover/Poison Jab/Mud Shot

Careful | Iron Barbs | 252HP 100Def 156 SpD | Leftovers
Ingrain/Gyro Ball/Body Press/Substitute

Lapras (w/Gmax)
Relaxed | Water Absorb| 4HP 252Def 252SpD | Leftovers
Life Dew/Thunderbolt/Brine/Ice Beam

Corviknight (w/Gmax)
Impish | Mirror Armor | 220HP 132Def 156SpD | Leftovers
Roost/Drill Peck/Iron Head/Body Press

Garbodor (w/Gmax)
Impish | Stench | 252HP 128Def 128SpD | Rocky Helmet
Cross Poison/Body Slam/Payback/Acid Spray

Brave | Iron Fist | 252HP 128Def 128SpD | Assault Vest
Mach Punch/Drain Punch/Thunder Punch/Ice Punch

Adamant | Pressure | 252HP 152Atk 52Def 52SpD | Brightpowder
Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch/Power-Up Punch/Rock Tomb

Impish | Stamina | 252HP 100Def 156SpD | Leftovers
Body Press/Rock Tomb/High Horsepower/Iron Head

Adamant | Intimidate | 252HP 4Atk 252Spe | Leftovers
Waterfall/Body Slam/Crunch/Iron Head

Timid | Volt Absorb | 252HP 252Def 4Spe | Leftovers
Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball/Mud-Slap/Swift

Timid | Swarm | 252HP 130Def 126SpD | Leftovers
Thunderbolt/Bug Buzz/Energy Ball/Sucker Punch

Adamant | Mold Breaker | 252Hp 4Def 252SpD | Leftovers
Wing Attack/Assurance/Flying Press/Thunder Punch

Calm | Magic Guard | 252HP 130Def 126SpD | Leftovers
Life Dew/Moonblast/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower

Raichu (Alolan)
Bold | Surge Surfer | 252HP 252Def 4SpD | Leftovers

Jolly | Pressure | 252HP 252Def 4SpD | Leftovers
Ice Shard/Assurance/Low Sweep/Crush Claw

Calm | Synchronize | 252HP 4Def 252SpD | Leftovers
Foul Play/Snarl/Swift/Wish

Weezing (Galarian)
Bold | Levitate | 252HP 252Def 4SpD | Black Sludge
Flamethrower/Strange Steam/Sludge Bomb/Thunderbolt

3.2. GYM/STORY TRAINERS (minor spoilers)

Piers' Obstagoon
Careful | Defiant | 252HP 56Def 200SpD | Leftovers
Brick Break/Thunder Punch/Throat Chop/Shadow Claw

Milo's Flapple (w/Gmax)
Careful | Hustle | 252HP 4Def 252SpD | Leftovers
Grav Apple/Sucker Punch/Outrage/Seed Bomb

Milo's Appletun (w/Gmax)
Bold | Thick Fat | 252HP 126Def 130SpD | Leftovers
Apple Acid/Recover/Dragon Pulse/Giga Drain

Nessa's Drednaw (w/Gmax)
Careful | Strong Jaw | 252HP 4Def 252SpD | Leftovers
Razor Shell/Crunch/Ice Fang/Rock Tomb

Kabu's Centiskorch (w/Gmax)
Sassy | Flame Body | 252HP 252Def 4SpD | Leftovers
Fire Lash/Crunch/Thunder Fang/Lunge


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  • access_time 23d
    Question. What determines ally raid pokemon levels? I joined a 5-star raid with a level 53 pokemon, and all my allys are level 37 and as expected are getting ROFLStomped by the dynamax pokemon where as mine remains more than capable, in fact, i'd argue i'd do better by myself without these low level distractions that cause me to be blown out of the den all the time! I had a look at your modified file for states his pokemon is "level 10" in the PKNX, but that translates to 37 in a max raid...? I guess level 10 is the lowest level, if so, what works out the highest level? I need my allys to at least be within 10 levels of me, if not 5. I even tried for lols with a level 68 pokemon that i've been "tweaking" for just the lols and they were still only about level 37. I'd be interested in knowing the value, if for anything other than making it slightly easier than getting them OHKO by Earthquake lol.
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  • NicSingh avatar
    NicSingh Joined 27d ago
    access_time 27d
    Hey..I'm using this mod in the YUZU emulator and i just noticed that the weather effects in the over-world are not showing up once i have this mod enabled. Anyone else having this issue?
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  • KURAY avatar
    KURAY Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    hey! i tested it , and , one of the npc in my shinotic raid , catched the pokemon in the first turn with a master ball , without killing the pokemon , and I get the shinotic! what the hell happened? ahhshssh
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  • enbything avatar
    enbything Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    Pretty cool and helpful mod! Although something very weird just happened.
    I was trying to beat a vileplume in a den and for the life of me I couldn't beat it. I tried and failed three times and on the fourth try, first turn the female office worker (I forget her name) uses a Master Ball out of the blue, which counted as if I had caught it, automatically ending the raid.
    I'm not really complaining or anything, I was just surprised, although I can't decide if I'm relieved or disappointed I couldn't defeat it myself. But if anything, at least it gave me a good laugh!

    Edit: it happened again and apparently you don't get the normal raid rewards when it ends this way
    • Helpful x 1
    • Thanks x 1
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  • access_time 1mo
    Good, neat idea :). Quick idea, would it be possible to make a version: a) without gym leaders until you have "beaten" that gym leader b) a "middle ground" version of this, perhaps without max IV pokemon/perfect moves but still a nice "improvement" mix of allys?

    I've been wiping the floor with raids so far (Only on 3rd badge though) with me doing majority of the work lol but something like this is great.

    Final point, bit of of a curve ball for you think it would be possible using PKNX to change what levels each gym badge allows you to catch(and or control)? This is something that playing a difficulty boost mod annoys me, currently it's 25/30/35/40/45/50/55/100, which is mega annoying. I'd like something more like: 30/40/50/55/60/100/100/100 so it allows you to capture (NOT CONTROL PROPERLY) level 100 pokemon by gym badge 6 instead of 8. I think this is highly personal but i think that makes the level curve much better with the a difficulty mod increase. Just a thought :), thanks for this mod though :).
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  • Miguel92398 avatar
    Miguel92398 username pic Joined 3y ago
    18,027 points Ranked 314th
    29 medals 3 legendary 6 rare
    • 2017 Top Contributor Medal icon
    • 30 submissions featured Medal icon
    • 2019 Top Contributor Medal icon
    • 10 submissions featured Medal icon
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • Submitted 50 Skins Medal icon
    access_time 1mo
    Yooo finally! Someone able to mod those pesky lvl 10 trainers. My suffering with Eevee girl and Martin are over! Thank you!
    • Thanks x 1
    Don't DM me for stuff
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