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max480's Helping Hand

A Mod for Celeste


Version 1.4.0 15hr
  • Addition Custom Sandwich Lava and Lava Settings Trigger
  • Addition Reskinnable Kevin
  • Addition Golden Strawberry with Custom Conditions
  • Addition Horizontal room wrap from Celsius (thanks 0x0ade!)
  • Addition Custom Stars effect
  • Improvement Added a "grouped" option to Customizable Crumble Platforms
Version 1.3.0 13d Addition3 Improvement2 Version 1.2.1 22d BugFix Version 1.2.0 25d Addition Improvement2 Version 1.1.2 28d Addition

A grab bag of requests

This helper provides a few entities and triggers that were requested, and that could be useful for other people as well.

Here is what is in the pack:
  • Upside-Down and Sideways Jumpthroughs: platforms you can only cross in one direction (left to right, right to left, or up to down).
  • Flag Touch Switches and Flag Switch Gates: touch switches that activate a flag, and switch gates that listen to a flag. Check the readme on GitHub for more details on their usage.
  • Grouped Trigger Spikes: trigger spikes that all come out at the same time once the player leaves the group.
  • Horizontal Room Wrap Controller: drop this controller in a room, and Madeline will reappear on the left if she goes off-screen on the right! For this to work, be sure to lock the camera horizontally by using a Camera Target Trigger with lerp = 1 and X Only enabled. Pulled from Celsius by 0x0ade.
  • Custom Sandwich Lava: sandwich lava with customizable direction, speed, gap and colors. You can also change these settings mid-room by placing a Custom Sandwich Lava Settings Trigger!
  • Customizable Crumble Blocks: crumble blocks that don't respawn after they crumbled, or that respawn after a custom delay. They can also be grouped, so that crumble platforms next to each other crumble together.
  • Customizable Refill: refill with customizable sprite, particle colors and respawn time.
  • Respawning Jellyfish: jellyfish that respawns at its initial position after a small delay once it is destroyed (squished, destroyed by a seeker barrier, or fallen off-screen).
  • Strawberry Collection Field: a zone where strawberries are collected, even if Madeline is not on the ground. The opposite of Strawberry Blockfield, if you want.
  • Reskinnable Swap Block and Reskinnable Kevin: like regular Swap Blocks and Kevins, except you can change all their textures.
  • Static Puffer: just like puffer fish, except it doesn't wave around randomly.
  • Temple Eye tracking Madeline: a temple eye that follows Madeline instead of Theo.
  • Rainbow Spinner Color Controller: a controller that changes the color gradient of all rainbow spinners in the room.
  • Color Grade Fade Trigger: a trigger allowing to fade between two color grades in a similar way as Light Fade Trigger (color grade A on the left, color grade B on the right).
  • Custom Planets: much like the Planets styleground, but allowing to make planets scroll and be animated. Multiple examples of custom planets directories can be found in the mod zip, in Graphics/Atlases/Gameplay/MaxHelpingHand/customplanets.
  • Custom Stars effect: much like the vanilla Stars styleground, except you can use your own sprites for the stars.
  • Blackhole with Custom Colors: just like the vanilla blackhole effect, except you can change all the colors, and set its opacity!
  • Camera Catchup Speed Trigger: allows to set how fast the camera reaches its target. This is useful for really fast sections, where growing offsets would be necessary otherwise.
  • One-Way Invisible Barriers: barriers that you can only cross left to right, or right to left. As opposed to sideways jumpthrus, you cannot climb on them, or walljump off them.
  • Custom Summit Checkpoints: summit checkpoints that can display more than just numbers. You can have minuses, question marks, or make your own digits!
  • Lit Blue Torch: a blue torch (as found in Mirror Temple), except it starts out already lit... and that's it.
  • Heat Wave not affecting color grade: same as the vanilla Heat Wave effect, except it does not change the color grade, allowing you to set your own color grade instead.
  • Golden Strawberry with Custom Conditions: a golden berry that can appear even if the player didn't finish the map, didn't unlock C-sides yet and/or died if you want it to.

The source code of this mod is available on GitHub.

If you use this helper in your map, you should add it as a dependency. To do that, edit your everest.yaml and include it in the Dependencies section:
- Name: YourModName
Version: 1.0.0
- Name: MaxHelpingHand
Version: 1.3.0


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file


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Key Authors
max480 Joined 12mo ago
Mod developer
Original Authors
0x0ade Joined 2y ago
Celeste Manager
3,778 points Ranked 2193rd
14 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
  • Created a Mod Installer Medal icon
  • Achieved Game Manager clearance Medal icon
  • Submitted 1 Tool Medal icon
  • Thanked 5 submitters Medal icon
  • Returned 100 times Medal icon
  • One month a member Medal icon
Made the Horizontal Room Wrap Controller (originally from Celsius)
Extra icons for Flag Touch Switch and Flag Switch Gates


max480 avatar
max480 Joined 12mo ago
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MIT License (full license here)


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