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Hardcore Mode

A Mod for Celeste


Version 1.0.4 19d
  • Improvement Animations and waits during the game over screen can now be skipped with Confirm
  • Improvement Pressing Quick Restart during file creation will toggle Hardcore Mode, for convenience (can be turned off in settings)
  • Improvement If you had debug mode enabled, it will now be restored upon exiting a hardcore file (unless the game is force-closed)
Just some QoL stuff I've been wanting to add for a while. Once again, if anything breaks, please let me know!
Version 1.0.3 23d Addition BugFix Version 1.0.2 1mo Improvement BugFix Addition Version 1.0.1 3mo Improvement Adjustment Addition Removal

Celeste but with permadeath

Do you find golden strawberries too easy? Do you like hurting yourself in new and exciting ways? If so, you'll like Hardcore Mode, where if you die, you're forced to delete your save file!

This mod has no effect for normal files. However, when you're creating a new file, you'll have the option to create it in Hardcore Mode, which cannot be changed later. When a file is in Hardcore Mode, the following changes are made:
  • You only live once. If you die, you are brought to a special Game Over screen, in which the only option is to delete your save file. (Exceptions are made for if the player dies during a no-control state, like a level intro or cutscene, as well as the moon berry path in Farewell.)
  • You can only open the full pause menu or quick restart if you're on safe ground. No cheesing!
  • Assist mode and debug mode are turned off when entering a file. Variant mode is not outright disabled, but all assist options within it are disabled.
  • Retrying is disabled. I might be sadistic, but I'm not that sadistic :p
  • There is an icon in the corner of the screen indicating that you are in Hardcore Mode. (This can be turned off, made partially transparent, and moved in Mod Settings.)
  • The save file slot, area complete screen, and journal screen also have Hardcore Mode indicators.
  • Golden strawberries will always spawn, since there's no real reason for them not to.
  • You will always go to the golden room in Farewell.

Some notes:
  • Your save file is deleted the instant you die, not when you actually select Delete on the game over screen.
  • The cheat code to unlock all levels is still enabled, and there is no attempt to combat save file editing. If you want to make sure your claims are believable, provide video evidence!
  • The death count may not remain at 0 for a Hardcore Mode file. In particular, Save and Quit will increment the death counter (this was done by the devs, not me). So, the death count being greater than 0 does not necessarily mean that the person cheated.
  • You can quickly toggle hardcore mode on/off by using the Quick Restart button on the file select screen, instead of having to scroll down and back up to select it. (This can be turned off in Mod Settings in case it screws anything up.)

If you encounter any weird issues or have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to ping or DM me (SuperSupermario24#0079) on Discord. (Or leave a comment, but Discord is recommended if you want me to see it sooner.)


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SuperSupermario24 Joined 10mo ago
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Special Thanks
max480 Joined 10mo ago
Helping with IL modding, including letting me use their HookCoroutine method


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SuperSupermario24 Joined 10mo ago
678 points Ranked 43698th
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