A Mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

V1.2.0416. This patch is for UK/Europe/Australia (English versions only). This patch is NOT compatible with copies purchased via direct2drive or localized versions of Oblivion. You do not need to inst

Bug Fixes - Improved LOD visual quality for landscape. - Optimizations to file loading system. - Taking items from dead owned creatures is no longer a crime. - Fixed issue where lock/unlocked states on doors would occasionally be stored incorrectly in a save game. - NPCs no longer pop into view after player cancels out from the Wait menu. - Fixed memory leak with sitting in a chair multiple times. - The reflection from the environment map in windows now displays properly. - Fixed an issue where player is still in combat even though the creature is no longer present. - Player can no longer fast travel when paralyzed. - Fixed infinite dialogue loop when arrested by guards who have high disposition to you. - Fixed issue where guards would not properly report crime if they were pickpocketed. - Summoned creatures properly fade away when they are created from a leveled list. - Fixed issue where stolen items would lose their stolen status if the player character was female. - Fixed crash that would occur with NPCs loading in with arrows. - Pickup sound effects no longer play during the loading screen. - If you attack a creature owned by you, crime is no longer reported. - Fixed issue with LOD not loading in properly when entering/exiting worldspaces. - Fixed infinite soul gems exploit by dropping and picking up stacked soul gems. - Fixed a crash with summoning a creature and immediately exiting the cell. - Fixed a crash with stealing an object, exiting and immediately re-entering an interior. - Fixed issue where an NPC would occasionally not perform the proper idle animation. - Fixed an occasional crash when a creature loses detection on the player. - Fixed an occasional crash with NPCs who were not loaded going into combat. Quest Fixes - In Light the Dragonfires, fixed issue where improper journal would appear if you closed an Oblivion gate. - In Till Death do They Part, fixed an issue where Melisande would not properly give you Cure Vampirism potion.
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