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Misc_D3 BFG v1.4.2 - D3 BFG only ! - A Mod for Doom 3


Misc D3 BFG v1.4.2 6mo
  • BugFix v1.4.2 - Bettered most weapons. - Fixed Hell Imps skin being blue color. - Removed grabber script, may cause problems on D3 BFG. v1.4.1 - Fixed the plasma fire sound not being able to be heard.
Misc_D3 BFG v1.4b 9mo Adjustment Misc D3 BFG v1.4a 10mo BugFix Misc_D3 BFG v1.4 11mo Addition Misc_D3 BFG v1.3 11mo Addition
Misc_D3BFG mod v1.4.2 for Doom 3 by Dafama2k7 (08-10-2k20)


    This mod is a compilation of fixes, updates and enhancements for Doom 3 BFG, that does just this, add new features and enhanced Doom 3 BFG, specially in defs and scripts, but also on materials, particles and so on. Also it adds some new stuff, like particles, materials and effects. This mod is not something spectacular with big changes, but is mostly an inperceptible changes and additions, that fixes small and big bugs and make Doom 3 BFG better and more cool !


    v1.4.2 - Bettered most weapons.
          - Fixed Hell Imps skin being blue color.
          - Removed grabber script, may cause problems on D3 BFG.

    v1.4.1 - Fixed the plasma fire sound not being able to be heard.

    v1.4b- Added a new 2 eyed Imp by Simo K !!!
        - Added a new Pinky by Arl !
        - Enhanced the chaingun particle effect.
        - Lowered a bit the chaingun fire rate.
        - Changed sound for plasma shotgun.
        - Changed damages for some guns.
        - Increassed fire rate for plasma shooty.
        - Added latest shaders.

        v1.4a- Fixed problem with lights.

    v1.4     - The new plasma shooty now has a different plasma color !

    v1.3     - Replaced the default shotgun for the plasma shotgun.
         - Fixed many bugs.

    v1.2     - Added NEW HQ smoke for diverse things.
         - Added a NEW particle for plasmagun.
         - Added a NEW decal for plasmagun.
         - Fixed bugs and enhanced the mod overall.

    v1.1     - Sentry new advanced A.I.
         - Better lights with shadows.

    v1.0      - New particles added for brass and debris smoke.
         - New FX added for muzzleflash, grenade flash and more.
         - Fixed .prt badly named as .ptr on both BFG and ChainGun weapons.
         - Added script functions for noammo anim, on the pistol, so when the pistol is empty make the clic, clic sound and animation.
         - Fixed some guns sounds, like machinegun, pistol and plasmagun specially, that, before stop the fire sound when reloads or make the clic sound for empty animation, now it doesn't stop the fire sound anymore.
         - Fixed some velocity and mass for the weapons projectiles for to be more real and faster, requiring less power and increassing the fire rate.
         - Balanced the spread for most weapons, like the shotgun so big spread before and now something balanced but more realistic.
         - The grenade is toggable now and it returns to the previous weapon after throwing a grenade.
         - Pistol handled by two hands thanks to converted version of CED pistol model.
         - Shotgun texture is in white color now.
         - Machinegun texture is camo grey and white color.
         - Chaingun texture is grey and white color.
         - Machinegun and Chaingun weapons both fires much faster now !
         - Plasmagun uses the OldSkool mod and fires purple plasma balls.
         - Shotgun has less spread and does more damage.
         - Double Shotgun does more damage.
         - BFG has an idle sound, almost inperceptible anyway.


Just copy the folder inside the .zip file, named as misc_BFG to your Doom 3 BFG directory and use the .cmd file to start the mod, that will and need to use the RBDoom port version of Doom 3 BFG that allow mods !

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