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Character Overhaul

A Mod for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

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Ver. 1.1 29d
  • Adjustment Sonic while carrying Elise was using airdash values from an older version of the mod. It now matches Sonic.
  • BugFix The date was incorrect. This has been fixed.
Note: Though the mod works without using the patches, I strongly recommend applying the following patches:
  • "Bound Attack Recovery"
  • "Enable Homing Spam", and by extension "Homing Recovery Control"
  • "Snowboard Air Control"
  • "Unlock Mid-air Momentum"
These will improve the experience even further.

A mod that improves the game's play control. The changes are listed below.

All characters:
  • The maximum running speed has been changed to 25. Sonic's was 17, and everyone else had slower values than this.
  • The turn speed has been changed from 8 to 5, reducing the precision just slightly without affecting the player's ability to platform.
  • The acceleration has been made a bit slower (most characters accelerated over 1 second, while Blaze did so over 2) to account for the above speed change.
  • Characters slow to a stop a bit more gradually when letting go of the control stick. Pulling back on it (to enter the skid animation) is now faster.
  • The default grind speed has been decreased slightly (from 23 to 20), but performing a grind trick increases your speed more than it did before. Additionally, it is now capped at 100 rather than 60.
  • Values used in every character script have been moved to a seperate file for ease of editing. Feel free to use this mod as a base for any control mods you might create (I'd like credit obviously)
  • The character select screen animation was changed.
  • The curved airdash and restored gem draining are included in the mod, so enabling them in Patches doesn't do anything.
  • The "jumpup" animation state has been restored, and Sonic now matches the other characters a little better in this regard. The homing attack animation also now matches the jump animation.
  • The Green Gem has a slightly larger radius and one-hit kills most enemies.
  • The bound attack does more damage.
Sonic + Elise:
  • The curved airdash is the same as base Sonic.
  • The flight cap has been increased.
  • Falls a bit more slowly while gliding. You can also let go of the control stick to allow Knuckles to fall slowly in place.
  • The character select screen animation was changed.
  • The homing attack no longer allows you to perform Chaos Attacks by spamming A. Instead, the attack does much more damage, one-hit killing most enemies. The delay when performing homing attacks is removed, allowing for better flow.
  • Same as Knuckles
  • (No specific changes were made. Leave suggestions in the comments!)
  • The character select screen animation was changed.
  • The radius for the slap has been increased to 3 meters from 1 meter. This will allow for more comfortable slapping.
  • The radius for holding objects has been decreased. Silver now holds them closer to himself.
  • The gauge drains slower when floating.
  • The teleport dash covers more distance.
  • (No specific changes were made. Leave suggestions in the comments!)
  • The radius for the hammer has been increased. This setting seems to get overwritten by the Mod Manager parameter, however.
Mach Speed Sonic:
  • You can redirect your jumps in midair. This is completely seperate from the Mod Manager patch, since that uses a XEX edit and mine changes the state used to that of Sonic while carrying Elise, so the setting does not matter.
  • You can perform the slide attack.
  • You can use the lightspeed dash in midair.
  • The chainjump animation has been changed to something a bit more appropriate, and the jump sound effect now plays when doing so.
  • You can cancel your jump like in Sonic Adventure by pressing A in midair. (This is less of an intentional change and more of a consequence of changing the states.)
  • Sonic no longer stops in place for a moment when landing. (Again, comes from changing the state.)
Snowboard Sonic:
  • The physics have been moved to their own file, and the seperate files for the two snowboards are now used only to choose the correct model for each stage. Both boards use Crisis City's physics.


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  • access_time 13d
    I love this.
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  • IIIII97 avatar
    IIIII97 Joined 21d ago
    access_time 21d
    Suggestions for omega:
    • Falls a bit more slowly when flying
    • Better aiming when long pressing x (square) 
    • Better aiming when pressing x while in air
    Suggestions for Amy :
    • Make double jump like blaze's
    • Give her some other attack as well (projectile?) , if it's even possible 
    Thanks for the great work! 
    URL to post:
  • JakeLeB avatar
    JakeLeB Joined 2y ago
    718 points Ranked 43007th
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    access_time 29d
    Blaze should have a double jump
    URL to post:
  • Batman Sonic avatar
    Batman Sonic Joined 2y ago
    4,533 points Ranked 1505th
    19 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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    access_time 29d edit 29d
    That's a really awesome mod! Great job ;)
    I think it should be a patch for the Mod Manager.
    Just helping people
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