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Joseph Nigerundayos Into Crusade! (9.2 CHAR MOD)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

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Joseph nigerundayos into Crusade

WARNING: The text below contains spoilers for parts 2, 3 and 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The perfect strategist of the Joestar family, Joseph Joestar, has joined the Crusade!

Joseph Joestar is an american man that is not only a genius, but also a complete dumbass. After defeating the Pillar Men and hearing of a vampire called DIO, Joseph frees his grandson, Jotaro from jail and uses his stand's powers to track DIO down. After defeating many foes, Joseph finally faces off with DIO, who figures out his stand's powers with Kakyion and tells Jotaro about it before he dies. He is then revived with DIO's blood, and makes small appearances in Part 4, albeit at a much older age.

As for gameplay, this Joseph is based on his appearance in Capcom's fighting game, Heritage for the Future. He is a character that relies on a lot of combos and can really pressure his opponents, however his weak recovery and risky kill moves balance him out.

Now if you'll excuse me, i've got to NIGERUNDAYOOOOOOOO!


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    JPIMW Joined 1y ago
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    dies in a car accident
    Zelda for Crusade when kappa
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  • access_time 24d edit 22d
    OH MY GOD! A decent JOJO mod... uh, it doesn't really sparkle any feelings though, because it was alright.

    I get that Joseph's attacks are supposed to be kinda slow since he's old, but you're making him the heavyweight kind of slow, which is polar oppsite of a combo-paced character. Besides, what's with the dair having so much endlag if you miss?
    And what's with the overly specific and oddly placed hitboxes? I mean, I get that some strong or powerful attacks like side tilt (which should be a weak but wide hit instead), up air shouldn't be so easy to hit, but a simple fair have no reason for such a small hitbox, or neutral b bein so fuckin high.
    Even when you do get to hit them anyway, they're so fuckin unreasonably underpowered that you do absolute jackshit to them. That fsmash looks powerful, right? It doesn't even launch you over the entire battlefield at over %200.

    Well, that's mostly it. The sprites are good, designs are cool. There are some bugs like neutral b still have Mach's bullet sound, and some hurt sprites just deleting the entire black outline; but overall, it's alright. I would really love it if it's fixed.
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    Don't share this title with me
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    The Fighters Generation
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    Stand Master

    Joseph Joestar

    Stand Name

    Hermit Purple


    Punch a camera
    See a naked man
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    Reporting for duty!
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  • CloudStrifeHero avatar
    CloudStrifeHero Joined 4y ago
    access_time 25d
    Stupid idea, but....what if Joseph had a secret Chuck Norris palette in reference to the MUGEN character which uses his sprites?
    (Otherwise the mod is great.)
    SOLDIER 1st Class
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  • Jio_Inzagi avatar
    Jio_Inzagi Joined 4mo ago
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    Cool mod
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Manndarin Joined 11mo ago
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made the character
Special Thanks
MashMan Joined 6mo ago
Helping with the Neutrall B


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Manndarin Joined 11mo ago
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