Iron Grip Patch 1.33

A Mod for Iron Grip: The Oppression

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Iron Grip Patch 1.33

Extract the files into your steamapps/SourceMods/irongrip/ folder. ============================================================= Iron Grip : The Oppression 1.33 ============================================================= Iron Grip : The Oppression has a completely new kind of gameplay, combining First Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements in a way never done before. 1 team consists of 1 human player, playing a full RTS style game, building and commanding AI troops while the opposing team consisting of human FPS players only! The new techniques provide the gamer with rising tension in a full scale city war. The beautiful fantasy architecture and other elements which colour this mod brings the player right into the Iron Grip conflict. The small cooperative aspects of the FPS team intensify the need for teamwork to an ultimate level. Iron Grip : The Oppression is not just meant to provide new gameplay. It also gives players a small taste of what the developing Iron Grip universe is like. With new types of weaponry and combat, this should give an unforgettable experience. ============================================================= Gameplay ============================================================= In Iron Grip : The Oppression there are 2 teams. One is the Resistance, and the other is the Rahmos. Rahmos contains of one main player. This player is the General of the local Rahmos forces. He starts in his HQ and commands his armies via an RTS interface. He can construct infantry and vehicles to attack the Resistance and capture their key locations. If the Resistance team grows in size, another player can join the Rahmos side. This player also plays an RTS. However he can only command the troops which have been assigned to him by the general. Rahmos has 1 General Unit which it needs to protect in order to survive. This unit can be taken over in FPS mode by the Rahmos RTS player. The Resistance side play a pure FPS. Instead of spawning as regular troops, the Resistance players can choose a character, which they can develope throughout the game. This character is unique in weaponry as in appearance and skills and therefore can only be selected by one player. The Resistance forces earn skill points throughout the round. With these skill points they can buy new skills or revive their Hero once killed. Their mission is to hunt down and kill the Rahmos General Unit, so anarchy will force the Rahmos City Legions to withdraw. Rahmos on the other hand has 3 random Resistance Key Locations to secure. These are spread randomly throughout the map. If all 3 are secured by the City Legions Rahmos wins the round. It is an exciting new cat and mouse gameplay in which the Rahmos forces outnumber the Resistance. The Rahmos vehicles are also something which the Resistance must fear. While Rahmos commands the streets, the Resistance must play smart, hide in the buildings, and work together. Don't underestimate Rahmos. Other than their large numbers they have numerous tricks up their sleeve. Guerrilla warfare is now fought... ============================================================== Changelog ============================================================== * FIX: Various Crashes. * ADDED: New level : ig_silberstad ============================================================= Installation Issues ============================================================= :: Error on install / running game If installation fails or you cant run the game firstlt make sure you first have the initial version of Iron Grip: The Oppression installed. (links to installer b1.0 can be found here - ) :: Does not appear on steam list Once this Patch is installed restart Steam in order for it to display on your games list :: What is SourceSDK Base and why is it trying to install ? All new mods (and old ones) based on valves source engine (HL2 CSS) will now use SourceSDK Base to run. This is the latest version of the Source engine allowing developers to ustilize the latest features of the engine as well as allowing users who own any source game to play the mod. For any further questions please visit our forums over at: Iron Grip Dev Team



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