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Anyone can clear Eggman's levels

A Mod for Sonic Adventure 2

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W.i.P, all levels "work" but some better than others.

Mini Update: As suggested by OmegaPineapple new springs added to Sand Ocean allowing more recovery points for especially speed characters and fixes made to Cosmic Wall allowing treasure hunters to clear properly and some new platforms/enemies/pick-ups added (to Cosmic Wall only).

Re-worked version of Eggman's 5 levels to be clear-able by the 5 other main playable characters, 2P characters not tested so cannot guarantee. Simply got things in a working state, not well polished (yet).

Use either of the following to allow character selection:
Character Select PLUS: by Justin113D
Character Select MOD: by MainMemory (tested with)

Egg Gate: Doors removed including final rocket section (as if you went too far and got stuck in-between doors would soft-lock game) and next to no other edits, many surfaces are climbable, no known issues.

Sand Ocean: WARNING crashes game if you die in the sand as a non-mech, also many invisible home-attack objects which you may find yourself snapping to. Launching speed panel removed due to crashing game with speed characters. Removed rocket container tank things and added platforms to make level traversal possible, somewhat playable but rough with known crashes.

Lost Colony: Removed doors, explosives remain as targets can cause minor issues with homing attack, elevator works but you can't do anything if not a mech, no known issues.

Weapons Bed: Removed doors and no other edits, works completely fine but a little on the difficult side with enemy placement at times.

Cosmic Wall: Substantial re-work with multiple added platforms, springs and items (crushers, pick-ups & balloons) to allow progression. Green/orange spinning targets removed due to issues with the homing attack and causing non-mech characters to 'boop' off of them with slow recovery times, 1 pyramid removed, they are breakable but only with specific attacks (e.g. spin dash). Camera isn't always friendly and 2 auto-tracks 'work' but can't do anything as non-mech character. Works but rough patches and some content missing.

Most surfaces of objects are climbable which can actually make some things fidgety, background structures are typically not climbable in Cosmic Wall and Sand Ocean.

Getting an 'A' rank is much harder if not impossible with non-mech characters in each level, Cosmic Wall may not be possible as a mech too due to removed targets but some extra high-point enemies and invisibility items added might make it still possible, not sure? EDIT, tested and it is possible.


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    Frost The Wolf Joined 8mo ago
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    Weapons Bed is the only one I know that can be beat without this mod anyways.  I've beaten it with just about everyone.
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  • Ganonymous avatar
    Ganonymous Joined 2y ago
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    access_time 13d
    Instead of removing doors, is it not possible to have a switch nearby to open them or a mystic melody shrine to do something?

    Either way, great work, are you planning on doing similar with the other stages?
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  • Holy shit, 5 stages? You absolute madlad. Anyway, as usual I have some feedback! There's a spindash jump in Sand Ocean across a wide chasm right before the goal ring. The camera is a little finicky, so I'd suggest putting a spring on top of the quicksand to allow for buttonmashing should the player happen to accidentally fall in. Also, this is more of a bug than anything but the spring right next to the crusher right next to the switch in Cosmic Wall (after the first on rails portion) doesn't launch treasure hunters high enough to be able to reach that platform, thus making the stage unbeatable as them. But otherwise, I really like what you did with these stages! I can tell a lot of thought went into the placement of objects and maintaining the feel of each stage. Do you have any plans to do Tails's stages? Awesome work as always!
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  • access_time 13d
    Nice, Weapons bed is one of my favorite mech maps to run through as speed and hunting characters.
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