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Disable Exp Share

A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield

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IPS code patch

An IPS code patch for both Sword and Shield that completely disables the exp share function of the game!

To install just drag and drop the "atmosphere" folder into the root of your SD card, and next time you boot the game up you should notice exp share no longer functioning.


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  • access_time 3d
    how do you go about removing this mod? im trying to level up a pikachu and he keeps dying on me, 
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  • Silver32 avatar
    Silver32 Joined 9mo ago
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    access_time 11d edit 11d
    Is it possible for you to create a mod that divides the overall exp yield provided by 1 foe-pokemon through the amount of one's own team-pokemon actively participated in battle, just like the good old formula was like?

    Like, if a foe-pokemon would normally provide 100 exp after being defeated to eg all 4 actively participated pokemon (new formula since gen 7 I think it was), it would instead provide 25 exp to each of them, considering they are all the same level since the new formula gives level-dependent exp.

    I ask bc in my "competetive" story-run, there is a static ruled max. grinding system which means that gain of exp is limited by setting a maximum in defeating wild pokemon in all areas, which worked just fine for all older games but now this annoying new formula doubles and triples etc. the base-exp by providing said base-amount for each active-been pokemon, which always indirectly "forces" me to play out every pokemon of my whole team against 1 pokemon just to get the overall max-possible amount of exp from that pokemon; maybe one can imagine how time-consuming and even strategically inefficient this becomes after a while..

    Also, that new formula messes up the overall-average exp-gain by simply multiplying the base; for me especially noticeable in trainer battles.
    Now one might say I could use a 50, 60 or 70% exp-gain mod to "balance" this, but remember this would not fix the time-consuming effect I would still have by getting a benefit if I switch-in all of the team's pokemon at any given time.

    I appreciate any help.
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  • Zoradius avatar
    Zoradius Joined 11d ago
    access_time 11d
    is it possible to get 0 exp in all the pokemon not only the ones not present in battle?

    I've seen theres a mod for 0% but it still gives you a little bit of exp, would like to avoid that.
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  • Flaebot avatar
    Flaebot Joined 2y ago
    access_time 13d
    Do you need a hacked switch for this?

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  • Roasting Kalamari avatar
    Roasting Kalamari Joined 3mo ago
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    access_time 13d
    kinda sad the option to turn EXP Share is something that modders need to add themselves now.
    Is Gamefreak allergic to a "yes or no" option?
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  • I'm enabling this on my next playthrough
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  • Araraura avatar
    Araraura Joined 2y ago
    792 points Ranked 42176th
    access_time 14d
    Modders do what Game Freakn't
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Found offset needed to be patched
Mod Author
DeathChaosV2 Joined 6mo ago
Made IPS Patch


DeathChaosV2 avatar
DeathChaosV2 Joined 6mo ago
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