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Cobalt the Wolf & Pippi the Dog

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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v1.1 18d
  • Adjustment Updated a single line of unedited text

A more diagetic wolf companion.

This mod swaps out Wolf Link for a generic Maraudo Wolf.

Changes include:
In-game text referring to the wolf as 'Cobalt'
Associated sounds such as the chain clinging and the Twilight Princess warp sound have been replaced (with generic wolf footsteps and the motorcycle warp sound)
Removing the Wolf Link icon
Changing the warp effect to the same cyan hue the BotW warp effect uses.

Unfortunately I have so far been unable to change the square twilight pattern for the warp effect, but I will attempt to revisit that shortly.

If you want this mod to work with other Wolf Link skins such as Lynard Killer's Ninetales mod, you will need to delete WolfLink.sbactorpack from CobalttheWolf/content/Actor/Pack. I suggest using the classic Graphics Pack format if you intend to do this for best compatibility.

UPDATE: By request I have included an new option - Pippi the Dog! It's the same as Cobalt, but starring a Hylian Retriever called Pippi.

UPDATE 2: Altered some extra text in both versions I missed for the tips. Woops!

I recommend giving this mod higher priority than any other mod that includes Bootup.pack in BCML as it seems that BCML ignores the blank image in the HUD if there is another bootup.pack higher than it.


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  • patroklos avatar
    patroklos Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 2d edit 2d
    Other wolf races? Maybe in the future?
    Blue is just not my color.
    Also... Wouldn't it be cool to be able to name it?
    Thanks, keep up the good work!

    EDIT: Sorry, I hadn't noticed Pippi, maybe I'll give her a try (she IS a girl, right?)
    γνῶθι σεαυτόν
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  • Kyim avatar
    Kyim Joined 2y ago
    2,552 points Ranked 20091st
    10 medals 1 rare
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    access_time 15d
    This is brilliant! Well done!
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  • access_time 25d
    -Screams in happiness!!-

    Yaaaay! Someone was doing this years ago but the instructions to install it were completely confusing AND they never finished! Will there be more like the regular dogs? Either way, this is brilliant! None of the other skins were my cup of tea, but I kept them for some differences; I love this so much!
    Dost thou even hoist, bro?
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  • Insomniac_x avatar
    Insomniac_x Joined 2y ago
    569 points Ranked 44515th
    access_time 26d
    Can you make him run faster? It was always cool having him run alongside my slow horse, but Epona leaves him in the dust. I mostly stopped summoning him because he can't keep up.
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  • The Bread Pirate avatar
    The Bread Pirate Joined 9mo ago
    access_time 27d
    Hey! This idea is pretty cool. It helps keep the immersion by not having two Links appear at the same time.

    Good job!
    I'm here for an education.
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