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Kaizo Elite Four Rematch (EEVEE VERSION)

A Mod for Pokemon: Let's Go!

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A quick thing I put together to make replays of the Elite Four more interesting. Includes buffs to items (all five members have items and they scale as you progress - Lorelei gets a Hyper Potion and a Super Potion, Agatha has three items, buffs to money rewards, all members get at least one Shiny (Bruno and Trace get two each), massive increases to levels, and movesets for about a third of the mons have been reworked with no regard for what moves are legal. Lorelei's Alolan Sandslash is Level 90, Shiny, and gets Spore/Dream Eater. Just because. Only install this is you have a full level 100 team you're using against the E4 or you just want a real challenge, since there are OHKO moves in there too. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, all their IVs are 31 across the board, and they've all got massive AVs buffs! Have fun! :)

Title explicitly states Eevee Version because I couldn't be bothered to edit Trace's Pikachu Version rematch team, because I couldn't be bothered to test it.

Levels increased! Anything under 80 is now 80, except for one or two which were set to 85. Anything that was 80 or 81 is now 85. Anything which was 82-87 is now 90. Anything which was 88 or higher is now 95.
AVs buffed! There were a couple mons I forgot to double check AVs boosts on in the first version, so those are fixed, and all AVs were scaled up quite a bit. Trace, Agatha, and Lance have a lot of 200s.
Megas! Agatha's strongest Gengar is now Shiny and can Mega Evolve (on top of Level increase an AVs buff)
Agatha Buff! Her Weezing is now another Haunter, and both haunters are a LOT stronger.
Lorelei Buff! Her Pokémon gained the biggest level increase.
Trace Buff! His Pokémon are almost entirely in the 90s, and has a lot of 200s on AVs.

I have kept the original version of the mod in case you want to make your own comparisons. If I update this further (like, for standardizing the sets or giving out more Megas), then I will continue keeping legacy versions for this reason.



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Snowka Joined 14d ago
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Development Info

This was made using pkNX's Trainer editor. I noticed the Elite Four rematch teams were too easy for my level 100 max candied perfect IV Adamant Mega Mewtwo X to sweep, so I thought I'd add some challenge. I plan on updating this to reduce the amount of PokéDollars earned since it's a bit much for now.


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