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Factory Helper

A Mod for Celeste


v1.2.2 2d
  • Adjustment Adjusted electrified wall attachment collision to be more in line with other spike entities.
v1.2.1 2d BugFix v1.2.0 1mo Addition v1.1.4 1y Addition v1.1.3 1y BugFix
Factory Helper

This entity pack contains a fair few new entities. To help out anyone who wants to use these entities in their own mods, I have created this documentation on the github page of the mod. You can also check out the source code there if you want.

This mod was created for Shrouded Thoughts (click to navigate to it).

It contains the following items:

Pistons: They can face all four of the cardinal directions and move between point A and B at frequencies you can set. Heated pipes kill the player if they grab them or stand on them. Can be toggled.

Boom Boxes: Grabbing on standing on these will launch you after a short time, followed by a short reset period. Can be toggled.

Dash Negators: Initiating a dash in the field of these will shoot you and kill you instantly. Initiating a dash outside of the field and entering afterwards is safe. Can be toggled.

Wind tunnels/Fans: Fans are purely aesthetic, but wind tunnels act like localized wind. Strength can be set to any value and they can face any of the four cardinal directions. Can be toggled.

Electric Walls: Generally act like spikes, except they can be toggled. They also are omnidirectional hazards, so no going through them from any direction, regardless of their facing.

Conveyor Belts: They are horizontal solid entities that carry the player and crates in the direction they move. Can be toggled.

Crates: They come in two varieties: metal and wood. Metal crates are only destroyed when touching spinners (or killer debris) while wooden crates are destroyed whenever they hit a surface too fast. They can be spawned from outside of the level bounds using a spawner entity, which can be toggled. Can have the Special attribute which respawns the player at the crate's origin once the player dies or the crate is destroyed, even if it happens in other rooms. Leaving the crate behind removes this effect. Can also have the Crucial attribute which kills the player if the crate is destroyed.

Dash Fuse Boxes: They can toggle the state of other factory items if you dash into them. One time toggle. Breaking one refills your dashes.

Battery/Battery Box: The boxes can toggle the state of other factory items when you bring a battery to them. One time toggle. Batteries act like keys.

Pressure Plates: They can toggle the state of other factory items as long as there is an actor on top of the button. (For example the player, crates or Theo)

Steam Wall: Can be summoned by a Spawn Steam Wall Trigger. It will move towards the right, starting from the left side of the camera when entered. The steam wall will destroy crates it touches and deactivate all factory entities except for Boom Boxes, which automatically get activated and launch the player as soon as the wall hits them, even if they were inactive before.

Machine Heart: When destroyed by dashing into it twice it destroys all dash blocks in the room and summons a Steam Wall after 2 seconds. Also initiates the Escape music.

Power Lines: They are used to indicate what toggling entity is connected to which togglable entity. They are not required for the logical connection, only serve as visual indicators for players. You can give them a hex color to differentiate power lines when multiple connections are present in a small space. Can be toggled.

Rusty Lamps: They are power sources that have different strobe patterns and can be toggled.

Killer Debris: Basically spinners, just made out of scrap metal. Come in bronze and silver variants (brown and grey respectively).

Rust Berry: Special collectible akin to the Moon Berry that does not show up in the total number of berries but adds to the count when collected.

Factory Activator Dash Block: Acts like a regular dash block in every way, but when broken, it activates factory activated entities using their factory id.

Factory Activator Trigger: Toggles other factory entities when entered. Can be permanent or room only. Can require an activation id to be active.

Permanent Activation Trigger: When placed on an exit, extending well into the next room it makes all activation ids specified in it permanent. Used for activations where you want them to reset if you die, but stay active if you finish a room.

Factory Event Trigger: Used to initiate cutscenes from Shrouded Thoughts.

Special Box Deactivation Trigger: Removes the Special attribute from crates.

Spawn Steam Wall Trigger: Spawns a Steam Wall at the left edge of the camera.

Other: Rusty spikes, rusty doors, textures for rusty crumble blocks.

Also contains:

Custom music by Mastar!
A custom gear screen wipe.
Some custom components that may be used when extending the mod (only relevant for modders who want to make their own factory items).
An end screen and area icon for Shrouded Thoughts that can also be used for other maps if map makers want to.
A few custom backgrounds for the factory setting as well as the factory tileset and decals.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file


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