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BotW Recalibrated: Attenuated Power Curve v.0.3

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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v.0.3 1mo
  • Adjustment Modified some enemy stats.
v.0.2 1mo Adjustment

Better internal consistency and reduced difference between early game and late game.

Attenuated (adj.): having been reduced in force, effect, or amplitude.

This mod attempts to fix balance issues within the game by “attenuating” the power curve so that there will be a smaller difference between the weapons/armor/enemies at the beginning of the game and the weapons/armor/enemies at the end of the game. This way the power curve will be more linear and less quadratic, and hopefully make the game feel more consistent.

Rationale for this mod:

  • There are a number of weapons in the game which I would consider my favorites. I prefer to use those favorites whenever possible, but most of them are things like Zora and Rito weapons which are not high-end weapons. I find it frustrating that my favorite weapons will eventually become obsolete compared to Royal, Ancient, or Savage Lynel weapons.
  • If that was my only concern about the game then it would be easy to fix by just modifying the stats of my favorite weapons. However, I also had concerns about weapon balance in general, especially how the beginning weapons and late game weapons were so wildly different. For example, the Royal Broadsword is more than seven times as powerful as the Traveler’s Sword. Meanwhile, 4* armors are around seven times as strong as unupgraded armors. Combine these issues with the fact that Silver and Golden monsters have ridiculously high health and it starts to feel like the beginning of the game and the end of the game are no longer the same game. This issue is compounded by the non-linearity of the game, because if you know where to find strong weapons early on then it disrupts the game balance even more.

Summary of changes:

  • For a more detailed description of the changes, follow this link:
  • Reduced the large difference in effectiveness between strong and weak weapons, so that weaker weapons remain useful for longer and are less likely to become completely obsolete.
  • Reduced the large difference in damage between two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons, and spears.
  • Changed the way weapon scaling works in order to increase the weapon variety in the later parts of the game.
  • Reduced the large difference in health between weak enemies and strong enemies.
  • Reduced the large difference in defense strength between un-upgraded armors and fully-upgraded armors.
  • Improved internal consistency within weapon families and between different monster types.
  • This mod will work just fine on Normal Mode, but is intended to be used with Master Mode.

Future changes:

  • Make it so all armor pieces can be upgraded, especially DLC armors.
  • Reduce the number of hearts recovered from eating food.
  • See if it is possible to change the rate at which Heart Containers and Stamina Wheel upgrades are gained.
  • See if it is possible to increase how often weapon bonuses (white/blue/yellow) occur.

Known Issues:

  • Enemy scaling and weapon scaling are not working correctly. Enemies are not upgrading to stronger forms when they should. Weapons will sometimes get white/blue/yellow bonuses before they should.



check_box_outline_blank Fix enemy scaling and weapon scaling. High Priority check_box_outline_blank See if it is possible to increase how often weapon bonuses (white/blue/yellow) occur. check_box_outline_blank See if it is possible to change the starting number of hearts/stamina. Low Priority check_box_outline_blank See if it is possible to change the number of Spirit Orbs required for Heart/Stamina upgrades. Low Priority check_box_outline_blank Modify the health recovered from eating food.
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  • SuicidalElectroz avatar
    SuicidalElectroz Joined 2mo ago
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    that rename is fucking hilarious 
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  • JJtheGamerGuy avatar
    JJtheGamerGuy Joined 6mo ago
    259 points Ranked 52618th
    access_time 1mo
    Is one of the goals of this mod to prevent enemy level scaling (if that's even possible) like with the weapons? I think that would go a long way to making the game even more consistent. It's really jarring seeing a silver/gold enemy in a camp of red/blue ones late game, and it's rather annoying how all the Lynels across the map level in sync with each other.
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  • OkamiTakahashi avatar
    OkamiTakahashi Joined 9y ago
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    access_time 1mo
    Might want to give it a different name since we already HAVE a Hyrule Rebalance.
    A Man of Many Mods...Installed
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  • ArcAngelofJustice avatar
    ArcAngelofJustice Joined 3mo ago
    1,557 points Ranked 21666th
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    access_time 1mo
    @TheKeyofE#6020 Your Hyrule Rebalance mod sounds very interesting so far. I've looked at some of the stats.

    Personally I think Lynels should have lower health as they get tedious to fight, but that's a me issue. I should get around to releasing my own Weak Lynels mod now that BCML can keep them compatible with Rebalance mods anyway.

    Another thing I like about Hyrule Rebalance is it makes some bosses like Hinoxes much tankier. This ties into my same criticism of vanilla; in that it's silly that even the weakest Lynels have more HP than Hinoxes. I love fighting Lynels but it's a bit much.

    I noticed you lowered Ganon's HP. Did you test the cutscene? You'll run into an issue by default in that if the player has defeated the four blights that the amount of health reduced in the cutscene will be half, but when the game starts up again he will have only a fraction of his health. Unless you have changed the event, Ganon loses 1000HP for each divine beast. This will leave your Ganon with only 1000HP for players who have completed the main story. If you are going to make this change I would recommend decreasing Ganon's defensiveness by altering his DamageParams, not by changing the actual value of his health. (Personally I think the end fight Ganon should be tankier anyway, but I have my own mods for that so it doesn't really matter.)

    Overall thoughts: It's cool to see another rebalance mod, but I don't see what sets you apart from Hyrule Rebalance other than that you don't have Charade's altered stamina or flurry rush involved, and you don't have his changes to food (yet). One thing you could potentially do from here is make your mod more modular. Now that we have BCML it should be easier to, for example, package two mods: one for armor, weapons and enemies, and another for changes to food and potions.

    I'm very interested to see what you do from here.

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  • Minos avatar
    Minos Joined 1y ago
    253 points Ranked 53165th
    access_time 1mo
    Do you think this would be compatible with Hyrule Rebalance and Relics of the Past?
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Development Info

Resources used:

  • Python packages: aamp, byml-v2
  • BotW Unpacker by Shadsterwolf
  • Notepad++
  • BCML


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