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Lylah's Complete Music Overhaul

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Version 1.3 - Champion's Conversations 1mo
  • Addition Added more cutscene music mods, for when you talk with the other 3 champions (I already did Revali) after defeating each Ganonblight. A video showcasing these additions can be found below.
Version 1.2 - Kass Addition 1mo Addition Version 1.1 - Modular Download 2mo Addition

The most ambitious/comprehensive music mod to date!

Are you looking to enhance your Breath of the Wild playthrough with a fresh new experience that lacks a certain... something? No? Well read this page anyway!

There are many mods that physically or visually reimagine your experience in the game, but your aural experience is equally important, to which there are only a handful of mods that deal with them, in which there are still glitches, gaps, and limitations. Well look no further than here! This is a complete music overhaul that is tailor-made and designed to thoroughly give your playthrough a very satisfying boost with music and sounds hand-chosen by me and cherry-picked to perfectly complement the areas and events they're in. Not only do existing areas have new life to them, but areas that were lacking in vanilla have now been enriched with sweet, perfect music juice.

This mod should be FULLY COMPATIBLE with things like Linkle, Crafting, and other cosmetic mods since I haven't altered any files in Bootup or TitleBG.

What's in store?

This music pack isn't held back by locked themes, glitches, and depth. As a perfectionist I ensured that every single track I implemented is the perfect volume, starts with no issues, is the highest quality I could find (no fuzzy/tinny music) and loops seamlessly you won't even notice. There are over 210 files I've gone over with a fine brush, and replaced them with music I found more interesting or tasteful. Of course, there's going to be some bias because these are ultimately tracks that were personally appealing to me, but hopefully my taste isn't too far off from yours and you can agree with me on a lot of tracks I've done.

I've taken it upon myself to also design all the promo including artwork and videos with this so everyone sees a polished, serious modding experience.
Inspired by many different areas of media and entertainment, my music pack includes tracks, covers, and remixes (in the appropriate style of BotW) from:
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Bleach
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Evangelion
  • Halo
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Magi
  • Noragami
  • Nujabes
  • Persona
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Pokemon
  • Previous Zelda Games (OoT, TP, SS)
  • Street Fighter
  • Undertale/Deltarune
  • Xenoblade
A ReadMe will have information on installing/uninstalling the mod, or just only specific tracks you want from this mod. Here are the tracks I've edited and where they've been used:

Battle Music:
Boss Fights:
Inside Dungeons:
Ambient Temperature Music:


UPDATE 06/11/2019: A showcase of the new cutscenes I added for the 4 champions after clearing each Divine Beast.

UPDATE 01/11/2019: Here is a demonstration of the new Kass tracks I've added to this update. These will be used in the biggest upcoming project to BotW arriving soon.

If there is anything I missed, do not hesitate to ask me directly. You can find me on the Zelda Modding Discord.
I sincerely hope you all enjoy this jam-packed mod, it means a lot to me!

Note: since there's so many files I didn't find it prudent to just include one waveform or demo file, all the music you can check out yourself with the videos and links above, and please check out my channel!

Please please please subscribe to my Youtube for more content and updates on my music modding business and remember to share this mod with others if you're impressed! It would mean the world.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file

  1. Disable any other music mods you have installed
  2. If playing Relics Of The Past, delete one of the GuardianBGM files, whichever one you don't want to use


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  • Noeseso55 avatar
    Noeseso55 Joined 11mo ago
    100 points Ranked 72850th
    access_time 1mo
    Don't take me wrong I love the pack all the world feels diferent and I love that, yhe only thing I want to know is What are the files of Hyrule Castle I mean I like the original theme.
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  • Gaara4 avatar
    Gaara4 Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    Great work are there any chance to port it for the switch =) ?
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  • 0002niarDneK avatar
    0002niarDneK Joined 6y ago
    3,056 points Ranked 3576th
    10 medals 2 rare
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    access_time 2mo edit 2mo
    Alright, please dont take this the wrong way. I love almost all the choices you've made here, and I adore the love and dedication put into the looping and transitions, but there are a few songs from the original OST that I prefer over the songs you chose. I was wondering if it is as simple as deleting specific files in the Graphics Pack version to prevent them from being replaced.
    Krieg is best Vault Hunter
    URL to post:
  • dragbe avatar
    dragbe Joined 6mo ago
    390 points Ranked 47971st
    access_time 2mo
    Exercise not easy since the original soundtrack is already excellent. Although i'm not a fan of complete music overhaul, there are some good choices in each music pack available on the site. Thanks to your mod for example, I no longer have to search for a reference soundtrack to replace the Hinox battle original soundtrack.
    URL to post:
  • keanine avatar
    keanine Joined 3y ago
    179 points Ranked 57819th
    access_time 2mo
    This looks great, I'm going to have to check it out!

    That being said, judging by the title I thought that "dynamic music" was referring to the battle music, as well as the field day and night music and probably a couple other ones.
    URL to post:
  • Minos avatar
    Minos Joined 1y ago
    267 points Ranked 52429th
    access_time 2mo
    Holy moly. I check the mod page for BotW daily and lately there's been some good mods, but they're small-changing mods. I come on today and I see two new huge and amazing mods, a new Hyrule Rebalance mod and then this one. You put so much work into this mod and it shows! The amount of details you've worked on and how great the transitions are! Thank you so much. Without a doubt this has to be one of the best if not the best music changing mods ever created for BotW and one of the best mods available. Thanks for the hard work OP and if I had enough points I would thank you, much love and respect fam!
    URL to post:
  • sage3k avatar
    sage3k Joined 8mo ago
    154 points Ranked 60269th
    access_time 2mo
    Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    URL to post:


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Supreme Overlord
Lylah Joined 3mo ago
Project Master
Main composers/artists
Shiro Sagisu
Shoji Meguro
Martin O'Donnell
Remix artist
Jackson Parodi
Accordion artist
Special Thanks
BFWAV converter and BFSTP fixing
NanobotZ Joined 9mo ago
132 points Ranked 62928th
BFSTP fixer and Bars Tool
Looping Audio Converter
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Lylah Joined 3mo ago
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Development Info

I'm going to make tutorials soon on my R&D process, but some of the programs I used:

Wavepad Sound Editor Master's Edition
Looping Audio Converter
Bars Tool


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