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Baldi's Basics in a little bit of everything v1.6

A Mod for Baldi's Basics

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v1.6 26d
  • Addition Added a Birthday bash mode!
  • Addition If you take too long in farming mode something special will happen
  • Improvement Nav mesh stuff... blah blah blah
  • Improvement Improvements to UI (like buttons and stuff)
  • Adjustment The library is now silence
  • BugFix Fixed glitches about camping mode.
  • BugFix Fixed the bully in camping mode
  • BugFix Fixed Dangerous teleporter
  • BugFix Fixed 3D movement.
  • BugFix Fixed dropping items
I'm insane.
v 1.5.2 1mo Addition4 BugFix4 v1.5.1: the optimization update! 1mo Addition4 Optimization2 Improvement2 Adjustment2 BugFix4 v1.5: This is cool! 2mo Addition8 Adjustment Removal2 v1.4 (again) 2mo

A decompiled mod with my favorite stuff from the game. (This is my first mod!)

What's new?

Well, this mod has:

- Random events. (Party, Darkness, Fog, Vending Machines, Test Doors, and more!)
- New school. (With Principal's Office, Nurse's Office, and more)
- New Mechanics. (Open golden lockers, Conveyor Belt, Buttons, Automatic doors, and more!)
- New Subjects (You can enable them from ""Settings")
- New items. (Apple, Grappling Hook, Pencil, Coffee)
- New endings! (Happy, Bad, Normal, What?)
- Achievements!
- 10 Notebooks!!!
- Minimap
(Press "Tab")
- Even a BRAND NEW CHARACTER!!!!!! (Pencil Boy)
-And much, MUCH more!

Just watch this video, because this mod have a bunch of NEW STUFF:

- If you have a weak computer, deactivate the lights in "settings" and for nothing in the world enable the "high graphics" option.

- Play the mod with the highest resolution, and PLEASE, and don't play it in window mode.

About making mods:
I will allow people make mods just if they:
- Ask me.
- Credit me and put the link to the original mod.
- And please, whatever you do, please don't do a LQ mod.


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  • family1242MakesMods avatar
    family1242MakesMods Joined 2mo ago
    File Productions Flag Affiliation: File Productions
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    access_time 7d edit 5d
    Hi guys! I'm here just to let you all know, there is a Special second mod coming soon! It is the official prequel to Baldi's Basics in a little bit of everything! Well, how do I know? well, I talked to @Filename3 (The Mod Owner) and he said it will be a prequel! And what's the name? Well, I'll blur it if you don't want spoilers, it's gonna be called Baldi's Basics in EVERYTHING! It's just a little detail, I Know, But stay tuned!

    Extra Questions:

    Q: Are you a beta tester?
    A: Yes and No, What I mean is this post was made on Sat. And I said to him if I can beta test. He said yes, And he said he'll send the file Tomorrow (1/12/2020)!

    Q: What are some new features?
    A: well, I don't wanna leak anything special, But the only thing I can tell you is there's gonna be a Shop!

    Q: Did you chat On Discord?
    A: Yes, And a little on gamebanana.

    Q: Are there Textures you made for the prequel?
    A: Yes, But Only 3.

    Q: Is this all true?
    A: Yes, if you're Not sure, Ask @Filename3.


    P.S. the name isn't really chosen yet, So We still Need a name...

    EDIT: 1/13/2020

    I'm Officially now a Beta Tester! If you want the link, I'm not really sure to filename3. You can ask him if ya want!

    And here are Screenshots to the new mod!:

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    dats meh avatar
    dats meh
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  • Mystman24 avatar
    Mystman24 Joined 10d ago
    access_time 10d
    @Michaelgraygriffith update is not coming lolllll
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  • Marcusngne avatar
    Marcusngne Joined 3mo ago
    Banned? Maybe.
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    Marcusngne BaldisBasics1000 Studios Flag
    BaldisBasics1000 Studios
    access_time 14d edit 12d
    Just to let people know on this Mod. There are some Questions that have been asked a Lot, but here is some Answers for some of them. 

    Q - Please Add In the Hallpass Item back! :(
    A - The Hallpass Item got Replaced by the Faculty Nametag. This is more accurate due to it almost having the same effects as the Hallpass Item, but only works for One Rule.

    Q - Add In 0th Prize! He can Sweep as Well!
    A - We already got a Sweeper, but if the Character doesn’t have a New Mechanic for him. Then he won’t be added in. 
    Edit : 0th Prize is possibly going to be in Glitched Walls.

    Q - Free Run Mode! :D
    A - Despaci-NO! This Mode won’t be added in. But we do have one almost accurate to it. 42 Mode, it’s like Free Run Mode, because it’ll make the game playable if you put the Number, 42, on Q3, then Boom! Yellow Doors are now Opened! 

    Q - Mobile Plz!
    A - This is a repeated question, and the Answer is maybe... I’m not sure... but seeing that making a Mobile Decompile Mod is hard. Then it might not make it... But who knows? Maybe it’ll come! (:

    These are some of Questions I have that we’re repetily asked about this Mod. If there’s more questions there were asked about this Mod. Then I don’t know... ask Filename3.
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    Hey! I don't Mod. );
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  • Am I allowed to mod this mod?

    Just want to know.

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  • Marcusngne avatar
    Marcusngne Joined 3mo ago
    Banned? Maybe.
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    Marcusngne BaldisBasics1000 Studios Flag
    BaldisBasics1000 Studios
    access_time 15d edit 14d
    A Bug that I couldn't put on Issues because it's too Long.

    So, when you drop an Item on Birthday Bash Mode and then play the Normal Mode. 
    The Old Item will stay there. Luckily! The Item can't be picked up, making it impossible to cheat the Game.
    Hey! I don't Mod. );
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  • access_time 15d
    If you were working a update at 3 am, then how are you still alive?
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  • access_time 15d edit 12d
    Hello, this is the creator of the Baldi image on the main menu screen, BucketOfMercenaries. If you would like to continue using the image, you will have to give credit. I can possibly work with you to replace other certain models, posters etc. ONLY if you give credit, both in game, and Gamebanana. If you want me to work with you with an updated project, please contact me at: I DON'T do complicated animations, and I would be interested to work with you before the week ends.

    - BucketOfMercenaries

    [EDIT] The image can be found here:
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  • Konrad the Bananite avatar
    Konrad the Bananite Joined 7mo ago
    Doing something
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    access_time 16d
    Questions if you make Mobile:
    How laggy would it be?
    How will you turn on the map?
    How often will it be updated?
    Will there be exclusive stuff to mobile?
    That is all hope you find this comment and hope you enjoy the journey of creating decompiles!
    Welcome to my world!
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  • access_time 16d
    Ideas for 1.6.1 Update:

     Achievements ideas. Easy.

    Something to do with the kitchen.

    Something to do with Her and the ice cream.

    Something to do with the LOL ending.

    Something to do with the new character.

    Something to do with Filename 2?

    Something to do with a new item??

    And finally:

    Another meme achievement.

    Character ideas:

    Place face: Could block paths like its a bully and will not move until they "Get bored"

    Glitch Baldis: They follow you and slow you down.

    0th prize: Could be a more helpful Gotta Sweep?

    Item Dealer: Like Giftany in BBRMS, it's an NPC that gives you items as it goes. Or another idea for this character, in order to get an item of your choosing, you must find a specific item and give it to them.

    Superintendent:  Would give away where you are. Baldi can hear you when you open doors. But The Superintendent would act as a door. Telling him where the player is: "Hey Baldi! Over here!"

    Balfi: An NPC that would act as a second Baldi. Quizzing the player with harder math problems that even he can't solve! And if you get a problem wrong, well he's a second Baldi! He'll give you a head start, and would only try to catch you for a short period of time! This Baldi would also be crudely drawn!

    And last but not least:

    Hall pass kid: If this NPC were to catch you breaking a rule, he would lock you up himself but for a longer time. Like if the principal put you in for 15 seconds, he'd put you in for 25 seconds.

    Item Ideas:

    Ruler: This item would only work on Baldi. If you were to use this item, it would Teleport Baldi somewhere. Like a smaller version of Arts And Crafters.

    Hall Pass: This item was already in the game, so why not bring it back? If you were to break a rule, Hall Pass Kid and Principal of the Thing would not take you to detention.

    StopWatch: This item would freeze all NPCs for an amount of time. Giving you time to run away from all NPCs that are in your way.

    Slingshot: It would do one of two things. Disable a character for an amount of time, or would make them slower.

    And finally:

    Lunch Box: It would give you a random item.


    Animals: It would quiz you on different animals like Cats, wolves, bees, etc.

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    I'm Leave
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    David Studio's!
    access_time 17d
    I'm Found Test Texture PlsKillMe This Is Yes For insert 666?
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    David Back
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OK Grappling hook is sooooo buggy. Please just use it in hallways... and outside. Tell me about bugs PLEASE.


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