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Baldi's Basics in a little bit of everything

A Mod for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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v1.5: This is cool! 6d
  • Addition Added Chalkles!
  • Addition Added farm mode!
  • Addition Added a Kitchen!
  • Addition Added all items from the kickstarter demo!
  • Addition Added two new achievements.
  • Addition Cloudy Copter now...
  • Addition Now you can drop items! just press "R"
  • Addition Added a new event! (Mystery Room)
  • Adjustment The fire is not that laggy...
  • Removal Hall Pass
  • Removal Toilet paper
Sorry for taking so long...
v1.4 (again) 25d v1.4 26d BugFix12 Addition5 Improvement4 v1.3.1: A small update! 1mo BugFix4 Adjustment v1.3: A GREAT update! 1mo Addition8 Improvement Adjustment BugFix2

A decompiled mod with my favorite stuff from the game. (This is my first mod!)

What's new?

Well, this mod have:

- Random events. (Party, Darkness, Fog, Vending Machines, Test Doors, and more!)
- New school. (With Principal's Office, Nurse's Office, and more)
- New Mechanics. (Open golden lockers, Conveyor Belt, Buttons, Automatic doors, and more!)
- New Subjects (You can enable them from ""Settings")
- New items. (Apple, Grappling Hook, Pencil, Coffee)
- New endings! (Happy, Bad, Normal, What?)
- Achievements!
- 10 Notebooks!!!
- Minimap
(Press "Tab")
- Even a BRAND NEW CHARACTER!!!!!! (Pencil Boy)
-And much, MUCH more!

Just watch this video, because this mod have a bunch of NEW STUFF:


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  • KitOdin avatar
    KitOdin Joined 6mo ago
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    access_time 21min
    Idea : YCTP Code : 11920154914
    Result : Unlocks a hidden wall(next to a poster) witch leads into a janitor closet sized room with me in it
    Bananite avatar
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  • access_time 8hr edit 5hr
    Sooooo... You Gonna Make 1.5.1 in New
    New Mode in KickStarter Free Run
    Add New Codes 31718 Easter Egg:PlaceFace 53045009 Upside Mode 
    New Event:Baldi Slap Happy
    New again Mode:Birthday Bash 
    New Character:Colored Baldi in Blue Pink Orange ReD Shadow Golden And More 
     this is New Update
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  • Baldi in bsoda avatar
    Baldi in bsoda Joined 12hr ago
    access_time 11hr
    Please make a new version of the mod! (new achievements and character) for example: Character: Biblee, can turn into any character, for example: two Pencil boy, Achievement: Make Biblee turn into you.
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  • KitOdin avatar
    KitOdin Joined 6mo ago
    531 points Ranked 45125th
    access_time 21hr
    When i load farm mode it crashes the game, reduce the amount of objects to prevent crashes
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  • Super Piter avatar
    Super Piter username pic Joined 7mo ago
    273 points Ranked 52132nd
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    access_time 22hr
    add fake peppino (Pizza Tower) in 1.5.1! That will he do? Steal your things. That's it.
    Ayy Mario Maker 2 avatar
    Ayy Mario Maker 2
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  • If you make a mistake by using the buttons on the think pad side while hard mode is active, you get stuck on the think pad screen.
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  • access_time 2d
    FileName3 Please add New room Music 1.5.1 
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  • Pico293 avatar
    Pico293 Joined 2d ago
    access_time 2d
    I really enjoyed this decompile mod. This is the best one I've seen yet!
    Here's some extra information for you to know about. mystman12 himself has confirmed that the Kickstarter demo will get updated, but only once. This update may have extra features, such as a third field trip, another new random event, and one or two new characters. Once that demo has been released, maybe you could consider adding certain features (if possible) from the demo to your mod.
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  • LeSteveBoi avatar
    LeSteveBoi Joined 7mo ago
    I'm here!
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    LeSteveBoi Johnster Space Studio Flag
    Johnster Space Studio
    access_time 2d
    My idea for 1.5.1:
    Add Item Pickup Scrumbler!
    Drawing your tweets avatar
    Drawing your tweets
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  • access_time 3d
    FileName3 Please help from New Mode
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OK Grappling hook is sooooo buggy. Please just use it in hallways... and outside. Tell me about bugs PLEASE.


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