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Baldi's Basics in a little bit of everything

A Mod for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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v1.4 (again) 8d
  • - i hope this works...
v1.4 9d BugFix12 Addition5 Improvement4 v1.3.1: A small update! 15d BugFix4 Adjustment v1.3: A GREAT update! 16d Addition8 Improvement Adjustment BugFix2 v1.2 23d Addition3 Improvement3 Adjustment3 BugFix

A decompiled mod with my favorite stuff from the game. (This is my first mod!)

What's new?

Well, this mod have:

- Random events. (Party, Darkness, Fog, Vending Machines, Test Doors, and more!)
- New school. (With Principal's Office, Nurse's Office, and more)
- New Mechanics. (Open golden lockers, Conveyor Belt, Buttons, Automatic doors, and more!)
- New Subjects (You can enable them from ""Settings")
- New items. (Apple, Grappling Hook, Pencil, Coffee)
- New endings! (Happy, Bad, Normal, What?)
- Achievements!
- 10 Notebooks!!!
- Minimap
(Press "Tab")
- Even a BRAND NEW CHARACTER!!!!!! (Pencil Boy)
-And much, MUCH more!

Just watch this video, because this mod have a bunch of NEW STUFF:


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  • nikitavoron24 avatar
    nikitavoron24 Joined 3d ago
    access_time 2d edit 2d

    there is one bug

    the door to the secret room does not open

    but the mod is all the same just super

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  • Baldi23330.Rar avatar
    Baldi23330.Rar Joined 3d ago
    access_time 2d
    Yay this is mod cool^_^
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  • access_time 3d
    Hey. This list is possibly Glitches and Curiosity. But Yeah!

    1. When I was playing on 42 Mode. The Event Time rang, yet sometimes the Event didn't happen! 
    2. Pencil Boy got stuck next to the Detention Room. I don't know how, yet I couldn't BSODA him out.
    1. How come on Extra's. Art's & Crafters Description is the Old One? ( Is that on Purpose or Accident? ) 
    2. When I had the 42 Mode on & didn't get a question wrong, ( But I collected all of the Notebooks. ) Arts & Crafters walked past me, yet he didn't teleport me. 
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    Hey Glitches. I’m back.
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  • BlakeDude7 avatar
    BlakeDude7 Joined 1mo ago
    79 points Ranked 65554th
    access_time 4d
    Psst... hey, c'mere, meet me at buddychat.
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  • Can you add an option to lower the quality of the campfire light in the Camping mode? It's very laggy...

    P.S Does the library do anything special?
    P.S.S When you get the technology notebook, and get all answers wrong, it just says "I hear math that bad".
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  • CindosModder avatar
    CindosModder Joined 2y ago
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    access_time 5d
    I Played BBIALBOE At 3AM.... I think you know what happened next.
    A Simple Modder.
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  • access_time 5d
    Report bug: I complete the good ending, I can't open this green door
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  • Super Piter avatar
    Super Piter username pic Joined 7mo ago
    145 points Ranked 46012th
    access_time 6d
    I think THIS GUY stole your mod and sold it. How did i know? Because of this image here:
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    Ayy Mario Maker 2 avatar
    Ayy Mario Maker 2
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  • ShadowManChance avatar
    ShadowManChance Joined 7d ago
    access_time 7d edit 7d
    This mod is excellent but I have a few suggestions.

    1. In the schoolhouse, Cloudy Copter doesn't do anything. If you could make him interact inside the schoolhouse that would be awesome. 

    2. Again, just a suggestion but you should add the mystery room and Chakles

    3. You should add some field trip events.

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  • access_time 7d edit 7d
    I am struck by the stupidity that baldi has, he stands in front of me and does not even go after me most of the time, and when he stands knocking, when I play the bsoda, he is not pulled or he gets pushed and then stops being pushed even if bsoda didn't come to an end

    ================================================== =========

    Second bug: Baldi's face showing up, she should also be appearing in the same confused expression as the original game when she opens the door
    edit:I remembered the third bug: Not only is Baldi stupid, everyone so (except the director), When I see playtime see me, sometimes she doesn't even go after the pencil boy, and I don't even have to talk about the "first prize", he gets turning to me then swerving to another side then turning to me then swerving again to another side, and the scissor girl didn't even come after me, she couldn't even walk right behind me, and Gotta Sweep only walked 1m near the outside her room, and bully stayed in place all day without getting tired and changing lines, and the nurse ... she should go see the player sometimes and go back and take her to the ward to test him, or ie leave the player stuck there for 15 seconds i would recommend but you can change
    Tip: I saw the original game: Cloudy copter could quickly go to random places and blow a wind that pushed any of the original game.

    ================================================== =========

    Second Tip: The test dithered could push the player and teleport him to some random character when he touches the player, teleport to some random character, bullying the scissor girl and baldi.

    ================================================== =========

    Third suggestion: I wanted a new character in the game, I already planned it all in this new character: Anti-Dirt Shovel (If you put it, it will have to be the way I told him to do it, but you can change his name and the item that activates it) Anti-Dust Shovel will be in a room similar to Gotta Sweep's, when Gotta Sweep finishes sweeping, he goes back into the room, and generates an item called: Garbage Bag, This garbage bag only appears When Gotta Sweep finishes sweeping, this dustbin and garbage when picked up can be placed anywhere when placed, the anti-dirt shovel will go behind the garbage bag and when picked up it will take you to the trash bin (which will be in the playground or place or whatever name it is called), When you take the trash, it will return to his room and end, but when he has active to take, he pushes anyone who is in front of him, and when he is taken he cannot move, just until he comes back to the room with everything he took with him, he is a shovel, anything he takes (Any character including Gotta Sweep) Gotta sweep won't be able to push him (Dirt Shovel) Because he's stronger. It's over ... so did you like the idea of ​​the new character and the things I asked the other existing characters to do?

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Development Info


OK Grappling hook is sooooo buggy. Please just use it in hallways... and outside. Tell me about bugs PLEASE.


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