FarCry Saturday Night Fight

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Resistance is futile...

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FarCry Saturday Night Fight

FarCry Assault Saturday Night Fight at 19th of March 2016

Connect onto our FarCry Patch 1.4 Server named: farcrylraddon.de ~>CUSTOM<1.33/1.4

IP of our Server is:

We are running Custom maps on it, none Standard or Base maps. If you have only Base Maps installed than get the FarCry Community AddOn for FarCry 1.33 and 1.40, which includes many feaures including a MapDownloader to get the Maps installed and downloaded when Connecting onto our Far Cry Gameserver. Get the AddOn here: Click me

Our Rules:

1. Have Fun

2. Play fair

3. Get ready to rumble!

We see us guys :-) On the server. Playing a nice big night of maps.



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    FarCry is still up from the Community side.

    Many websites and features still exists,take a look to my website, that is a AddOn for FarCry Multiplayer, nice and smart :-)


    FarCry is still up, the community still sponsors servers and mapspaces. If you want to, we can enable your maps on our big MapSpace servers to spread them through the community players. We got currently 2 mapspaces, in UK and CZ with around 300 maps :-P

    or here some others





    By the way it's on Saturday. On Sunday there is no school.

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    Wow, people still play Far Cry? 

    Too bad I can't play because of school and other things. But, at least I can always make co-op maps to play with friendly soldiers, so don't worry about this old Far Cry veteran.

    Not a furry. My gf is, so... avatar
    Not a furry. My gf is, so...


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End Date
Mar 20th, 2016
@ 7:00 pm CET


FarCry Multiplayer Patch 1.40


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