Double Or NOTHING !

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Event has ended.

    Note :

    This is my first event so , please ignore my mistakes and blah... Blah.... Blah.


    There gonna be an event soon( Not as far as 2017 , as dated ). It's dated 2017 becuase my hlds is down ( From after the windows 10 update) and I can't host the server myself. So I'll need someone to host it for me.

    The Rules

    • Any one who wants to play in this event MUST enter here. First Come First Serve.
    • It Double or Nothing ! The winner takes it all , the loser ? NOTHING !
    • It's gonna be that betting type of game. Both the player bet a certain amount of point. Winner takes it all.
    • No one should join the CT or T while 2 players are playing. The following actions will be taken if it is done.
    •    1. Warning and Transfer to spec
    •    2. Warning and Kick  
    •    3. No warning and Ban permanently from event and server.
    • No cheats.
    • People who would like to watch the event can Join the server but only in spec. Anyways demos will be recorded.

    Current event requirements

    • A server
    • Some admins
    • 2 players

    Current match

    Syntax : Name ( Point bet) VS Name ( Point bet )
    The Gaming Guy (60) VS Nobody

    Join Soon !

    Ban list

    Nobody , Hope you don't wanna be the first one here !


    No matchs completed yet !

    Event time and location

    All events will be held at 10:30 GMT at server "Awaiting Server IP"

    We need help !

    Help the event stay alive and going. Donate points !


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    End Date
    Apr 24th, 2016
    @ 5:00 pm GMT




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    The Gaming Guy username pic Joined 4y ago
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    The Gaming Guy
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