Explosion Effects!

An Effect Mod for Day of Defeat: Source

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'Fire in the hole!'


This mod replaces the player made explosions of Day of Defeat: Source.  It adds a more fiery effect and large smoke plumes to explosions created by grenades and rockets. They're pretty, everyone likes big explosions.

Disclaimer (don't be intimidated):
  1. This mod does not replace the explosions caused by objectives in some maps where objective explosives are placed, such as in Colmar
  2. This mod can create some obstructive particle effects, more specifically the smoke created during the initial explosion. Mid-Air smoke lasts longer; if a grenade explodes in mid air near the ground, there will be smoke for about 4 seconds.
  3. This mod can be laggy for lower end computers, if you are forced to play with low quality graphics, it is best not to use this mod if that is your case. A good sign that this mod may be bad for you is if smoke grenades drop your FPS to less than 15.
  4. This mod does replace rocket trails, it adds a more fiery effect. If you do not like this then do not add the rocket trail effect.




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the fuzzster
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Bob Saget
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