DiamonD crosshairs

An Effect Mod for Half-Life: Source

Larger crosshairs ported from DiamonD pack

Yet another port of an increased resolution crosshair set. If any of you know DiamonD's nice half life 1 sd pack, you will notice that it came with a fantastic crosshair set that was very accurate and easy to use. I can say the only thing I don't like about it is the magnum crosshairs, but everyone has their preferences. So I've ported those very same crosshairs, right to source. This is yet another solution for those who want larger yet more accurate crosshairs. The only known issue I can think of is that the color isn't the same as the original but it serves its purpose. If anyone knows a solution on how to make color display in source as it did in the original using vtf editor, I would love any suggestions. If I cannot find a solution script/format-wise, anyone who is willing to recolor them like the original and email them to me would be greatly appreciated and have their name put in the credits. As for all users, enjoy. :D. Readme: Just place the folder in your steam\steamapps\yourname. Credit: DiamonD- These were included in his amazing SD pack for half life 1 as shown here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/diamond-half-life-final RiShooty- I just converted it and made as accurate as I possibly could weaponscript files. If you feel like something should be adjusted, I will gladly take suggestions.
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Ported this crosshair set
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Development Info

Same as my last crosshair set: http://www.fpsbanana.com/sprites/2738. Only known bug is the color is incorrect compared to the original. They all appear to be a lighter yellow and the zoom crosshairs appear to be white.


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