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  • 2hrby JBWarden in
    Good job on making this JB map its quite special and challenging compare to some other's, anyway i have a question what are the half life symbols do and why does some lr don't work.

    If you could answer any of these, it would be lovely.
  • Thanks a lot!!! :)
  • Disculpe,estoy queriendo comprar la túnica goron y no me aparece en el catálogo de Beedle
  • 3hrby prezlamen in
    Git Gud
    I saw this spray on one of the css zombie servers :)
  • 3hrby 0ctex in
    Viewmodel request
    Here ya go, just copy & paste this into your autoexec.cfg
    // Script for dasgud by 0ctex as requested on Gamebanana
    bind "[" "viewmodel_fov 54"
    bind "]" "viewmodel_fov 70"
    bind "\" "viewmodel_fov 90"
    bindtoggle "p" "r_drawviewmodel"
    bindtoggle "o" "cl_first_person_uses_world_model"
    bindtoggle "'" "tf_use_min_viewmodels"
  • haha nice map =]
  • 3hrby prezlamen in
    they are very much visible on your screenshot x)
  • 3hrby s0nought in
    CS PRO
  • 3hrby krzys2 username
    Clair the Cat
    Just try to commission person if want something to be done, there is even page linked. I checked the page for you and it is written that there are no free SA2 commission spots, so just wait patiently otherwise.
    Attached image how to find the page
  • Read the "WARNING!" section in the submission's description.
  • 3hrby Springman Jr. in
    Can we get an EMIP file for this?
  • Sorry for the stupid question, but is the "Output for TGE's ModLoader (raw + txth)" not implemented yet? I see it's in the Todos list and in Planned Features, but it's also present on the newest build, though grayed out. It just confused me, still great work.
  • I understand the hate for exe mods, it is really cute, however this mod is very good for eggman and gamma. So yeah, an actual answer t'would be nice 
  • For full collection, we need HL: Alyx aesthetics
  • Every index used has to be replaced with a song, else you'll hear Japanese interviews with the cast which is what is already at those indexes.

    With Music Manager, it'd be possible to output a customized ct file but it'd break anything that relies on the original order. I'll keep it in mind.

    I think I remember the location variable thing changing when entering shops, so it should be possible to have unique music for each shop. I'll keep it in mind.

    When it comes to the Velvet Room game over music, I don't think the location changes at that time. I think it'd be possible to make it unique by only allowing the Velvet Room music to play in the Velvet Room, but that's assuming that's the only time it plays in the game.

    Honestly, the script is a mess of "if at this location and current song is this, play this instead." There is a patch that would greatly simplify all enemy battle BGM, but it's for denuvo-less and unreleased afaik right now.
  • 4hrby ZachToonz username
    Boom Styled Sonic
    umm, no. this is just to make it so it looks like sonic boom sonic. im not changing any animations.

  • Paysus has said about a year ago that they're working on an update for the Engineer animation overhaul that would be compatible with the Pistol Enhancement pack and the Animated Widowmaker by newguy111, otherwise not that I know of.
  • nice fl studio stock instruments
    also haha funny soulja boy youuuuuuuuuuuu ahahaha
  • 4hrby LetsplayGames_303 username
    Hi, im great! And yes, I can help you, with what I need to help you?
  • 4hrby Reapper in
    Oh. Because if you did I would've mentioned that Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third both take place in 2 different cities but I don't know how to explain how they got there to someone who's not familiar with the series.
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