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Monorail Train

A Crafted Creation for Besiege

A fully working advanced concept train

A fully working Monorail train designed specifically for some of the NPC's in the sandbox. It also includes an NPC stunt bike and loading crane. Track: press and release L (toggled) the track will slowly curve out Train: point the rail runners in direction of travel (NOTE: they are steering hinges with armour plates on bottom to make them slide easily along half-pipe. To leave station press LEFT for a moment ( you are looking just to angle them just a little. too much and they will snag) then> P= leave station (towards village) O= return to station (from village) SLOW DOWN BEFORE BEND! raise & lower gondola barriers: up=[4] & [1] or down= [5] & [2] Operate the crane to lift NPC onto bike 3,4,5,6,7,8 ( practice it) to release bike when NPC has been placed =press & hold N BIKE CONTROLS: left= 1 right = 2 forward = UP reverse = DOWN tip. to do a donut with the bike just turn the steering 180 degs so that wheels are trying to go in opposite directions then put a bit more steering on to start the donut clockwise or or whatever you want


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