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Crafting Project

A Crafted Creation for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Various additions and fixes 5mo
  • Addition Boko, Moblin and Lizal series of weapons added to the anvil
  • Addition Added materials to Silver and Gold enemy variants' drop table
  • Addition Added materials to Pebblits' drop table
  • Tweak Changed the normal arrows' recipes to require Flint instead of Iron
  • BugFix Fixed an issue where IsGet flags weren't saving correctly
  • Adjustment Moved the Great Plateau anvil to the Old Man's hut.
Leaving the old versions' download up in case something is broken.
BNP version and Eldin ore model 6mo BugFix Addition Crash fixes and Eldin ore drop rate 6mo BugFix Tweak Minor Fixes 7mo BugFix3 BNP Addition 10mo Addition

Crafting in BotW? What?!

Please remember to take a few moments to give feedback, report bugs or any other issue you might find while playing.
If you do encounter any bugs, be sure to disable all other mods and replicate said bug, so we know it's an actual bug and not some sort of mod incompatibility.

Spanish Translation (by grillo78) available here

Some info you should know:

  • The new materials are using placeholder models, textures and icons,
    so if you have experience in 3D Modeling/texturing, please drop by the Crafting Project's
    channel on the BOTW Modding Hub Discord;
  • Recipes, material drop rates, etc. are subject to change. Feel free to leave suggestions on
    the Discord channel;
  • You can craft weapons at Anvils that have been placed on every stable and village.

This mod adds the following items:

  • Iron (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Coal (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Silver (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Gold (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Eldin Ore (Obtainable from mining rocks around Death Mountain
    and Igneo Talus)
  • Steel (Obtainable by crafting, requires 1 Iron and 1 Coal)
  • Ancient Alloy (Obtainable by crafting, requires ancient materials)
  • Feather (Obtainable by hunting birds)
  • Broken Champion Weapons (Dropped on the floor after a champion's weapon breaks)

Known Issues:

  • Death Mountain's ore deposits not registering in the compendium.

I hope you enjoy the mod, and one more time, please LEAVE FEEDBACK so we can improve the project!



Fix Death Mountain ore pictures Low Priority Add custom models and textures for the new materials
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  • ClyDo avatar
    ClyDo Joined 7d ago
    access_time 7d
    Thank for this mod, it's a really cool (and missing) feature!
    But i got a problem, it was working without problem during 2 days, but now i can't see any anvil (i've checked some place i've already used an anvil) :(
    I still can loot some components, but no anvil anymore :(
    Any known fix? I've found nothing in the comments or on the web

    (Just in case:)
    - I've tried to reinstall it, didn't worked.
    - I've also tried by using the Graphic Pack file instead of the BCML file: crash when i load my save.
    - I think it didn't work since i've installed the Linkle Jewelry+ mod, or the Ancient Lightsabers mod (it was the only 2 mods i've installed after this yours). But even by disabling/uninstalling them+reinstall your mod, it didn't worked
    URL to post:
  • AdrianElGamer21 avatar
    AdrianElGamer21 Joined 26d ago
    access_time 25d
    Could you make this mod compatible with Wii U ?
    I tried to start the mod with sdcafiine on my wii u but when I open the game instead of showing the game start menu, only many codes appear on the screen and the console freezes, and I have to disconnect it because the off button does not work
    (I tried several times but the same error always happens)

    and yep I put the mod totally vanilla (without any other mod that wasn't in the Craft Project pack)
    URL to post:
  • Leonidesmoffitt avatar
    Leonidesmoffitt Joined 26d ago
    access_time 26d
    The mod only lets me craft one-handed weapons.
    when i interact with the anvil it takes me directly to one-handed weapons.
    is there a fix for this?
    URL to post:
  • Orudeon avatar
    Orudeon Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 29d edit 29d
    What is the drop rate on iron, gold, coal, and silver? I've been farming for a little bit (around twenty ore veins) and I haven't found any of the new items, just flint, rock salt, and gems. I'm farming regular nodes between Dueling Peaks west of the stable (the ore veins nearest to Ree Dahee shrine). I had to do a remerge to get the mod functional (anvils weren't showing up at stables) but they're present now. This is my load order: and here's proof of a functional anvil I successfully crafted a Fire Rod with it.

    Feathers properly drop from birds.

    Do new ores only show up after a blood moon or something like that when enabling/remerging in the middle of a playthrough?
    URL to post:
  • Eternalt avatar
    Eternalt Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 3mo
    Hey love the mod , I had a question of whether this is part of the mod or conflict with other mods. I can’t smelt ores nor do I have a option to do so. I can’t craft arrows either even when feathers say to craft arrows the only arrow I can craft are ancient and the arrow/misc is just the ancient craft store nothing else. Is that intended? 
    the mods I’m using are hyre v7.2/skyward sword music overhaul,links house overhaul, and moon slayer extreme version. I’ve tried use both the bnp and the 7z and both don’t have those options. Hope you can answer my question.
    URL to post:
  • Jjp avatar
    Jjp Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 3mo edit 3mo
    I have gone to almost all villages & stables can't seem to find the anvils. Note: I can get all the materials though.
    URL to post:
  • Dukedy avatar
    Dukedy Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 3mo
    Sorry for being stupid, but how the hell do I do this using Sdcafiine?
    URL to post:
  • RandomLegend avatar
    RandomLegend Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 4mo
    Heyho, awesome mod...i guess.
    I couldnt use is so far as it crashes as soon as i open the menu. The interesting thing is i can open it without problems but as soon as i have one of the crafting materials you modded in it immediately closes my game.

    Also, your modded items dont have any text at all for me just as NarNar posted earlier.

    I dont have any other mods installed.
    URL to post:
  • NarNar avatar
    NarNar Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 4mo
    I'm having an issue with the mod. The new items do not have any name or text description. I thought it could be some sort of incompatibility issue, so I uninstalled all mods, but the issue persists. 
    Thank you for sharing the mod! 
    URL to post:
  • Davitduck avatar
    Davitduck Joined 5mo ago
    access_time 5mo
    Hi love your mod this make more enjoyable Zelda BotW, my feedback: would be very good to see Arrows and Bow implemented to, for crafting in Crafting Project :)
    URL to post:


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