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Fixed Death Mountain Ore 9d
  • BugFix Fixed Death Mountain ore deposits not dropping Eldin Ore
Fixed enemy camps not spawning 11d BugFix Adjusted new materials' sell price 12d Adjustment Phrenic Bow hotfix 13d BugFix Royal Guard's Shield hotfix 14d BugFix

Crafting in BotW? What?!

It's finally here! The Crafting Project's Beta release!

Please remember to take a few moments to give feedback, report bugs or any other issue you might find while playing.
If you do encounter any bugs, be sure to disable all other mods and replicate said bug, so we know it's an actual bug and not some sort of mod incompatibility.

Some info you should know:

  • The new materials are using placeholder models, textures and icons,
    so if you have experience in 3D Modeling/texturing, please drop by the Crafting Project's
    channel on the BOTW Modding Hub Discord;
  • Recipes, material drop rates, etc. are subject to change. Feel free to leave suggestions on
    the Discord channel;
  • You can craft weapons at Anvils that have been placed on every stable and village.
  • This mod is also intended to be used as sort of a framework for other modders, and
    our intention in the future is to release the mod in different modules.

This mod adds the following items:

  • Iron (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Coal (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Silver (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Gold (Obtainable from mining rocks and Stone Talus)
  • Eldin Ore (Obtainable from mining rocks around Death Mountain
    and Igneo Talus)
  • Steel (Obtainable by crafting, requires 1 Iron and 1 Coal)
  • Ancient Alloy (Obtainable by crafting, requires ancient materials)
  • Feather (Obtainable by hunting birds)
  • Broken Champion Weapons (Dropped on the floor after a champion's weapon breaks)

Known Issues:

  • None at the moment.

I hope you enjoy the mod, and one more time, please LEAVE FEEDBACK so we can improve the project!



Add custom models and textures for the new materials Make Boko, Lizal and Moblin weapons craftable Low Priority
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  • KyUTastic avatar
    KyUTastic Joined 5d ago
    Could you do a compatibility patch for the "Hyrule Rebalance Mod"? Pls i really want to use both mods
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  • Silentverge avatar
    Silentverge Joined 5mo ago
    181 points Ranked 56825th
    Nice! Good job guys! Gonna have to check this out.
    Project Hyrule Team avatar
    Project Hyrule Team
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  • hamoude11 avatar
    hamoude11 Joined 6mo ago
    212 points Ranked 54637th
    3 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
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    • One month a member Medal icon
    thank you for your effort

    The game crashed at the beginning of its download.

    I disable all MODS and there is nothing, the game comes out when the download starts, I'm in the European version.

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  • Question out of curiosity: Do you think it's possible for this mod to eventually lead to being able to add upgrades like Attack Up and Durability+ to weapons? 
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  • Fantastic mod overall, but unfortunately it conflicts with the "More Weapon Slots" mod and disables it while it is active. Hopefully this can be solved
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  • YamiiVance avatar
    YamiiVance Joined 1y ago
    357 points Ranked 48809th
    Hello! Sorry to be a bother but I can't seem to get the anvils to spawn? I've put all the files in the game and graphics pack- the items like feathers ect spawn perfectly fine but. I don't have a 100% clean title pack... i'm using "
    |Link's Shorter Underwear|- before I was using the Zelda mod same issue... I was really looking forward to this mod- maybe its a mod confliction but i'm not sure what I can do about that since I don't have a clean file...

     Sorry to be a bother! Thank you for any reply even if you can't help!
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  • Zaygh avatar
    Zaygh Joined 19d ago
    The new update crashes when installed with BCML after a few seconds when loading the game. I can idle on the title screen or try to quickly load a game but it crashes around the same time.
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  • Hi, I have an issue with this mod, and addressing it m8 take it to a whole new level, and would feel much more compelling.  The problem I have is that it is "spoily" you can see all the weapons from the get go... What if there were diffrent npcs/blacksmiths in the cities that gave you the recipes for the weapons?  Or maybe if you had to first find the weapon take it to an anvil and break it to see what it's made off, after that you would be able to craft it. I know doing this is not an easy task. Maybe it's easier to put proper Blacksmith npc's in every city, in zora's domain you craft zoras weapons, in Goron's city you craft goron weapons, etc... Maybe in stables you craft  simple weapons, Ancient's could be at the labs, and Guard weapons in the Dungeon of the castle.
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  • Minos avatar
    Minos Joined 7mo ago
    Wow this fits so well, and I never even thought BOTW could use crafting and now that it has it, it works really well with it! Thanks for the hard work, and good job!
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  • The Royal Guard shield doesn't load for some reason. I can select it, but won't actually equip. No mods other than this one were selected, and I even reinstalled CEMU and BotW to make sure something wasn't installed correctly.
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