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Halloween Mapping Contest MMXVII Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement gm_nighttime_snacks 1st Place gm_nighttime_snacks
This map was a lot of fun to play through and felt nicely polished, with all the puzzle elements working as they should. The map stuck well to the halloween theme but also had plenty of humorous side elements. The elements and effects were all well made and overall this map provided the most complete package and so secured 1st place!
Stormy Night 2nd Place Stormy Night
Visually this map is stunning. It provides a large area to mess around in and provide a perfect location for roleplayers or people just looking for spooky screenshots. The mapper showed good skill with their use of effects and detailed brushwork. This map, similar to Creepyworld lacked much gameplay beyond looking around the place and so again was hard to place. The great visuals secured this map second place.
Creepyworld 3rd Place Creepyworld
The judges enjoyed the concept of a ghost train as an entry. It was great fun taking a ride round the map and trying to guess what would be around the next corner. The mapper also showed good skill producing such a map for Half Life, a 19 year old game. It was very hard to split the top entries and there is a difficulty in judging this map as it has very little actual gameplay unlike some of the other maps and so it made it hard to decide where to place this entry. Overall we felt this map did a great job at what it set out to do and awarded it 3rd place.
gg_halloween_dungeon 4th Place gg_halloween_dungeon
It's clear to see this mapper started as a modeller/skinner and all the judges praised the quality of the custom models in this map. These models really help ensure the map had a strong halloween theme with an interesting rats twist. However the judges did feel the gameplay left a little to be desired as a gg map. The map could do with being a bit larger with a few routes with cover. Overall a solid first map by yumyumshisha.
Spooky Defense 5th Place Spooky Defense
The judges felt this map did a great job at achieving the halloween feel. The map was well put together and showed good skill by the mapper. However the judges did feel the gameplay got repetitive quickly as there's only really one route to the end. Other asymmetrical sniper vs knife maps often give the knife side ways to fight back, e.g 1 or 2 pistols with 1 ammo, alternate routes etc.


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