CS:GO Combat Surf Mapping Contest Winners

A Contest for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

EntryJudgement 1st Place
This map really was a textbook execution of a great surf combat map. Every part of the map felt relevant, useful and easy to route to and from. This map also really lived up to it's name with the jail really standing out as a great concept. Another concept, the wait time for getting weapons provided a very interesting twist on the surf combat gameplay, making acquiring weapons risky yet rewarding. Visually this entry also stood out as the most complete and thought through map. Things like the fact that each platform had propellers to keep them up in the air and the fact that the theme was implemented well on every part of the map.

The biggest complaint from our judges was a wish for a day version of the map as some judges found the map too dark for serious combat. Despite that, this map ran away with this contest and is the deserved winner. Congratulations!
2nd Place
It was incredibly hard picking second place and this map really split the judges, with some loving it and other feeling it lacked a lot in the gameplay. But first off it's hard to ignore the visuals of this map, with its impressive skybox and extensive detailing, we all had to acknowledge the effort put in to produce this map. The jump pad was greatly enjoyable to fly around on and produced some interesting gameplay.

However the ramps felt thin, hampering movement on them and making them very linear in how you can utilise them. This map was fun to play but the ramps really hindered the surfing aspect. Other smaller complaints included that it's easier to escape jail by jumping out that actually hitting the opening button. Also some of the detailing on the structures were able to be stood on, opening them up to potential abuse. This map shows a lot of skill but lacked in the primary part of a surf combat map, the surfing.
3rd Place
In a contest heavily focused on gameplay, this entry did a great job at producing a very slick map to play on. Surfing around this map felt great, with plenty of opportunities to build and maintain your speed. It really reminded us of some classic maps and felt it did a good job producing a new map in their style.

While this contest was gameplay focused, there were still points on offer for visuals and this map really lacked there. A stronger theme throughout the map would have really helped make the map stand out more.
4th Place
During the first playthrough of this map, it didn't really stand out, partly thanks to its use of grey ramps in a grey skybox. However the more the judges played through it, the more we enjoyed the gameplay provided by this map. The ramps surf well and allow for fun gameplay on them due to their size. The map is a bit chaotic with ramps everywhere but in a way that helps add to its charm. We also enjoyed that the ramps routed you towards the center to focus the combat.

A brighter skybox really helps improve how this map feels to play on, removing that bland look. Perhaps a few more boosters and removing the clips preventing players skipping from some ramps to others would help improve its flow. Overall an interesting map that we can for sure see getting some playtime on surf combat servers.
5th Place
First impressions of this map were very good. The theme felt nice with its clean lines and colours and the size of the map was just about right. However the more the judges played it, the more issues we discovered. For example the bomb site is easily accessible from spawn, taking around 3 seconds to surf there. Another issue is the matte black colour on the ramps, which hide the spine of the ramp and make the ramps almost look flat. The jail is dark and is awkward to escape from. Also we felt the skybox didn't suit the map very well.

This map has a lot of potential and we can foresee it becoming a very solid surf combat map, however it needs lots of little tweaks to help it achieve that. In it's current state we still enjoyed it but had to award it 5th place due to the issues found.


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