2016 GameServers-TF2Design Skinning Contest Winners

A Contest for Team Fortress 2

EntryJudgement 1st Place
There was a really close fight between this one and the other 2 winning entries, but the Graphite Perisher fits Team Fortress 2's theme and with a few tweaks could find its way in the base game.
2nd Place
A pretty decent jungle themed Team Fortress 2 mod pack with a lot of features. However, the judges felt like some of the items that it contains were made kind of in a rush and lack some main creativity and ideas which we usually get from someone such as Corvalho.
3rd Place
The Bi-Decoder was a really lovely realization of a Spy sapper replacement. Featuring LODs and really well looking textures, the sapper provides a really unique feeling which you'd not normally get from Spy's stuff.


1st Place:
$200 cash
2nd Place:
$100 cash
3rd Place:
$50 cash
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