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The Alien Devices Modeling Contest Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

Chiary - Female Alien Character
Chiary - Female Alien Character
1st Place
A really stunning execution of an alien concept which was done in around 8 days, which definitely is breath-taking. Not necessarily an alien device (though it contains one along with the character), the submission definitely fits the contest theme and also provides some nice face morphing - a really nice addition to the submission!
Bio-Tech Alien Weapon
Bio-Tech Alien Weapon
2nd Place
An unusual alien weapon that provides some nice looking textures but with lack of details on certain places. Overall, definitely looks like something aliens would use and create so it fits this contest's theme.
Alien Universal Probe
Alien Universal Probe
3rd Place
A model really similar to the old Indian Chakram, the Alien Universal Probe proves that even aliens would use ancient civilizations' killing weapons for their own purpose. Pack it all with some animations and you got an alien killing machine.


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