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The "Post-Apocalyptic" Skinning Contest Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

Mad Can: Fury Beans
Mad Can: Fury Beans
1st Place
The most unique weapon submitted for the contest. The judges were amazed on how the textures were looking in-game. It perfectly fits to the contest theme and makes the game much more fun.
Fusion Blaster 66-9
Fusion Blaster 66-9
2nd Place
A tough second place. It was really hard to choose the first place between this and the "Mad Can: Fury Beans". The Fusion Blaster 66-9 got some really great textures as well as animations. It follows the contest theme perfectly fine and makes L4D2 zombies' day worse.
CB4-Elephant Rifle
CB4-Elephant Rifle
3rd Place
The CB4-Elephant Rifle is a simple, yet fun weapon to use in-game. Though it doesn't seem complex on the first look, the animation style is really interesting and the judges really liked that.
The Liberator
The Liberator
4th Place
The judges had a really hard time choosing whether this will take the fourth or third place. The model as well as the concept are really great, but the textures are fairly plain could have used some more variation, Overall a really great weapon, especially for a post-apocalyptic theme.
Trusty Trencher
Trusty Trencher
5th Place
The Trusty Trencher is very similar to the base TF2 weapon. The lack of inspiration and work on this mod resulted in it going to the 5th place, The judges felt that there really is some texture work, but it lacks the edge definition as well as it is not really something you'd find everywhere in a post-apocalypse.


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