Halloween 2015 Mapping Contest Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
All the judges agreed that this is a hugely creative and wonderfully detailed Halloween map. There's not a single spot in the map that feels like it shouldn't be there. Unlike some of the other entries, this one is really made for multiplayer which makes it much harder to bring a successful result.
2nd Place (tie)
A very dark map located in the middle of a sea. The mood goes in the classic Half-Life spirit with a dose of some claustrophobic feel to the whole experience. Overall looking, a very well deserved 2nd place.
2nd Place (tie)
This is the proof that even if a map is made for an older engine, it still can be really great looking as well as compared to maps for newer games. The map features an insane amount of brushwork, great textures and some really cool places.
3rd Place
A very unique map with a great combination of fog and the textures which together create a rather unseen visibility for enemies. Beside that the arches that connect the paths are really small and often blocked the players on their way due to their low placement, it was a really nice and well executed Halloween themed map.


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