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EntryJudgement 1st Place
Will2k is well known for his in depth and well written guides and this one is no different. A must read for mappers before they start their maps, whether they have just started mapping or been mapping for years. Well presented and written in an open and friendly manner this is truly deserving of it's first place!
2nd Place
An excellent guide that provided in depth information on something the judges hadn't really seen before on the site. The tutorial makes great use of the sites formatting with a mixture of HTML and Markdown to cleanly display the information provided. Highly recommended to any skinners out there and very worthy of it's second place!
3rd Place
This tutorial did a very good job at covering the core concepts of Android game development while taking you through a step by step guide of producing a simple example game. The judges did feel that there could of been more explanation of why certain things were done to help user learn as they go. However this 50 page epic fully deserves its third place!


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