Movie Replicas Modeling Contest! Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
The judges all agreed that this is a fantastic pack of models that is very strong in all the parts of it's execution. Created with attention to detail and artistry while sticking close to the actual reference, these models have great potential to be used in projects in the future! As such get's a close fought but well deserved first places!
2nd Place
All the judges agreed that the models and textures for this are near perfect. Accurate to the movie proper visually looks great! It came down the very small details to separate this and first place however the judges did state the texture in places could be more detailed and model could have been optimised slightly better. Despite that this is very worthy of it's second place!
3rd Place
The judges all commented on how well executed this pistol is, with it being accurate to the movie prop as well as being easy to fit into most games. However they did mention that parts of the texture work felt a little rushed. Even so this great pistol deserves it's strong third place!
Honorable Mention
The model really impressed the judges, with it's attention to detail and accuracy. However they did state that they felt the textures are lacking just a bit and that unfortunately pushed it out of a very close top 3, still gains a well deserved honorable mention.
Honorable Mention
All the judges agreed that this is a well executed and good looking weapon. They commented on the great accuracy to the actual weapon as well as the impressive normals. Very close to getting into the top 3 but walks away with a well earned honorable mention this time.


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