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High Altitude Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

Portal: Skyline
Portal: Skyline
1st Place!
This was not from a game this was A game! Or well more a portal mod with modifications to the cube. I personally loved how they created this with a very interesting way of integrating the High Altitude theme! There aren't that many test chambers but sure were fun all by all, especially with the slight story attached to it! All by all a very well themed mod/map for this contest!
2nd Place!
While not the best looking map this sure was the most impressive one and certainly deserves to be mentioned as not only did it had various chapters in this mini game map but also a heck of an awesome story attached to it! This map is really awesomely build together and really requires a bunch of people to work together to get to the next stage and all set in a mysterious and fantasy themed environment. Lenny was a chill dude and I like the way how he fixes doors!
3rd Place!
A quite interesting and one of the larger maps that also introduces a set of quite lovely textures that almost make the map feel cell shaded, the setting is also kept true and overall it's quite a lovely Deathmatch Map.
AR_SkyCastle (CSGO)
AR_SkyCastle (CSGO)
4th Place
A beautiful map with great attention to detail and more or less genuine architecture. The map layout is well suited for arms-race and offer both long range and close quarter combat.


1st Prize:
$100 cash
2nd Prize:
$50 cash
3rd Prize:
$25 cash tracking pixel