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Rats Style! Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

1st Place!
The right Rat Map atmosphere that is created here, by having the right size of the environment compared to the player, is just what we were looking for! The amazing setting with a great amount of detail put into the brushwork and models makes this map really an eye catcher. It doesn't lack a good gameplay either with a lot of height variation and dynamic elements. It probably is one of the most beautiful rats maps CS had ever seen. The navigation is smooth and easy to learn. We can really see the amount of work and effort put into this map, and it well and truly deserves the fist place. Truly good job!
2nd Place!
Fantastic map that has fair amount of days worth of work put into it, lots of dynamic elements, and clever usage of ladders to climb all over the furniture, filled with custom content. Fun for messing around with some friends for a few hours, shooting, jumping around or even playing with the remote controled vehicles. Well done!
3rd Place!
This map really has a great theme, it is very colorful and good gameplay just adds to it. Nice long distance scenario with some interesting physics elements, such as the working domino chain and some other details. Clever use of spider webs to create paths between the tables and chairs to let the player navigate throughout the map. A very nice finished product. Very well achieved!
4th Place!
Fast paced action gungame map with some nice prop placement. The map really makes the player think of what has been going on in that place with a body lying on the ground and rats going all over it. Nice background story as well. Well done!
5th Place!
The alive proof that CS 1.6 mappers can still keep up with some of the other engines, and still have something nice to see and play. Considering the engine this map runs on, it deserves to be in the top5. Nice one!


1st Place:
$100 CASH + Front page feature!
2nd Place:
$50 CASH
3rd Place:
$25 CASH
4th Place:
$15 CASH
5th Place:
$10 CASH tracking pixel