Tutorial Contest #1! Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place!
A well presented/structured and in depth explained tutorial covering Vscripts and their usage to script and code/modify various aspects of the Source Engine. It is also the best presented tutorial across all categories. The writing and flow are smooth and allow for easy following even for the folks that aren't very familiar with coding/scripting. This tutorial has great potential since it allows the creation of new gamemodes in the Source engine, at the discretion of the mapper without the need for third party software code.
2nd Place!
A well rounded and balanced tutorial covering all the basics that one needs to start compiling and decompiling models. It is well presented and formatted, easy to follow and understand, with some nice tips at the end and could serve as a starting point for anyone showing interest in modeling for the Source engine.
3rd Place!
Interesting tutorial with great images explaining what the user has to do, some helpful notes, troubleshooting and important facts when using the tool explained in the tutorial. Quite nice formatted and easy to read.


1st Place (Level Design):
$50 + Dota 2 beta access, Medal and Certificate!
2nd Place (3D Art):
$50 + Dota 2 beta access, Medal and Certificate!
3rd Place (Miscellaneous):
$50 + Dota 2 beta access, Medal and Certificate!
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