Skyrim Swordmaster Winners

A Contest for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

EntryJudgement 1st Place
The legendary bananite kimono returns from a 3 year hiatus, and boy does he bring back something special!! Our judges voted unanimously that kimonos Witcher sword was the clear winner. Despite the relatively simple design, the project was executed flawlessly, delivering a professional quality skin. Our judges praised kimono for the attention to realistic damage and lighting, the combination of which gave an incredibly real looking weapon, deserving of $100 prize. Make sure you turn your graphics settings right up to the max in order to experience the sheer beauty and detail of this simple, yet elegant weapon!
2nd Place
Great concept and attention to detail! This skin has a really great old/used feel to it with the damaged, grotty textures. However our judges felt the base could have done with a bit more work, and the textures (although very good) just weren’t to the same professional standard as kimonos. Great job and a worthy second place
3rd Place
A great concept that fits well with the RPG genre, the crazy curved design of the sword gave it a real wow factor in game, however the textures let the submission down. Our judges felt that the materials looked a bit under defined and that it should have appeared more 3d in game. Some details were too flat and sharp, whilst others were too soft and blobby. This lead to a rather unrealistically blunt feeling weapon.
4th Place
A really nice concept, however our judges felt that the model and textures needed a bit more work in order to claim one of the top spots. The model looked to rounded, and the textures looked stretched an unconvincing, more attention could have been paid to the edges and damage on the blade. Still a very worthy entry, we were particularly impressed you managed it all on your own.


[1st Place]:
[$100 cash] + Ripe1
[2nd Place]:
[$50 cash]
[3rd Place]:
[$25 cash]
[4th Place]:
[$10 cash] tracking pixel