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Dangerous Cargo Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

1st Place
Our judges loved this map, feeling that it stuck well to the theme and praise LATTEH for his use of amazing brushwork and building designs. The displacements are natural looking, adding to the realistic looking skybox and outside details of the level. The main factor affecting its win though were the outstanding custom models and textures that enhanced the very polished feel to the map, and its well thought out, and enjoyable gameplay.
2nd Place
Our judges were impressed by Jacks decision to make this map for CS:GO despite the official SDK not being released at the time of its creation. The core contents of the map are aesthetically brilliant and realistic looking, although the judges felt slightly disappointed that the the level seems to just end at the fence with very little detail to the surrounding environment, although this adds to the baron feeling. Overall we were impressed by the general concept and almost flawless execution of this map. -- Well done!
3rd Place
Our judges felt that denero was a very good quality map were impressed by Sethen's use of several unique and easily identifiable locations/themes throughout the map. Combined with the great atmopsheric lighting and architecture for interiors this provided brilliant, well thought out gameplay. Its clear from the classic "figure of eight" level design that Sethen has thought about balance, although the judges felt the layout can be tricky at times with all the corridors
Critical Cargo
Critical Cargo
4th Place
We loved seeing a campaign make it into one of our contests, and this one doesn't disappoint! Although brief this story is jam packed with explosive action and unique custom content. Many people were dissipated with the length of this map but we felt it was a pretty awesome accomplishment given the time constraints and worthy of a spot in our top 5! We really hope that Jett finds time to complete this epic campaign!
5th Place
Another fantastic map from one of our regular participants, although sparse and lacking detail in some areas our judges felt this map stuck well to the brief, and highly commend Giblets for his use of scripted events and particles during the explosion. We only wish he had more time to complete this map, as it could have been a real contender for the top 3. (Damn those pesky exams!)


1st Prize:
$90 cash + Ripe1
2nd Prize:
$70 cash + Ripe1
3rd Prize:
$35 cash + Ripe1
4th Prize:
$15 cash
5th Prize:
$10 cash tracking pixel