Powerful Tools Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
High quality model, textures, world model, buy pic - the complete package. Stuck well to the contest brief. Could have benefited from more detail or phong.
2nd Place
Exceptional concept, first class model and texture with unique holographic components. Wasn't quite close enough to the project brief but we cannot give this less than 2nd place and feel bad not giving it first! Could have benefited from better animations and sounds.
3rd Place
A great model - well balanced with a nice bulky feel - just like a big power tool. More texture detail would have propelled this entry to first place.
4th Place
A great effort - something between a power tool and a steampunk weapon. Creative, but better textures would have improved this entry.


1st Prize:
$80 cash + Ripe1
2nd Prize:
$60 cash + Ripe1
3rd Prize:
$40 cash
4th Prize:
$20 cash
5th Prize:
$15 cash
6th Prize:
$10 cash
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