Magnetic Justice Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
Teh Snake has made another superb skin that really turns heads. Its big, its bad and its beautifully ugly - its the Bulk Cannon. Reminiscent of Hellboy and Serious Sam, this gun has teleported from another universe into the hands of terrorists and counter-terrorists and it's a joy to play with.
2nd Place
The EMSSS-12, designed and released entirely by Defuse, is a wonderful entry, blending wooden elements with a high-tech mechanism. Beautiful in its simplicity and featuring clever details such as a spark when firing, Defuse should be very proud of this release!
3rd Place (Tie)
The MMG 'First Try' is another great release by cR45h, with its hard geometric design creating a strong and menacing appearance. While the design concept and animations aren't as unique as other entries this is a solid, quality release that ticks all the boxes. Congratulations cR45h!
3rd Place (Tie)
The S² - SuperSolenoid Power Armor by Cbast could have taken first place and caused quite a headache for the judges since it is a superb entry but not a playable skin, which perhaps should be made clearer in future contest rules. If Cbast had the time to make this a player model for L4D2 or TF2 it would have been a wonder to behold.
4th Place (Tie)
4th Place (Tie)


1st Prize:
$80 STEAM store credit + 3x Ripe1
2nd Prize:
$40 STEAM store credit + 2x Ripe1
3rd Prize:
$20 STEAM store credit + Ripe1
1st Place Medal:
Runners Up Medals: tracking pixel